Silk Road comparisons?

In a nutshell what will stop the government from.shutting down this market place as they did with the first and second silk road?

The Silk Road was a basic website that took bitcoin as payment, SAFEX is built on blockchain technology. The comparison is night and day, I’m sure SAFEX will be much more legitimate and near impossible to shutdown.

Define legitimate?
It will be a completely unregulated, unstaffed, market place. As soon as they changed that to have any direct involvement they would get Ulbricht.
There might we’ll be a perfectly good answer as to how this differs in terms of being able to shut it down but it’s a question which has suddenly appeared in my thoughts

Silk Road was promoted right from the start by its creator as the place to get illegal drugs, and then he went on to order the murder of his business partner…
Safex is being promoted as an alternative to Ebay, Amazon etc. And I hope some sort of self regulating mechanism is developed or put in place…

Not sure he was found guilty of ordering a hit but that aside it’s inevitable that an unregulated market place will be attractive to depraved and sick buying and selling.
The more popular the market place becomes the more it will fly on the radar to the authorities, surely?

I get what you mean @daveyboy

The thing is that this project is and will be dedcentralized… it will be run by the miners and users of the marketplace. There will be noone that manages the sales other than the seller and the buyer… it will be automated by the blockchain.

I know my english is somewhat bad and i find myself here not able to express what i actually mean but i hope that you get the idea or that someone with better skills in english than me could explain it better. I also want to remember that there is a thread here somewhere where someone explained it properly! :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly Silk Road also ran an escrow service (trusted third party…) between buyers and sellers, this may have put them at the heart of that centralised illegal website.

In basic terms (because basic terms is the best I can give you) …

There is no central hub that the marketplace will exist on (unlike silkroad). Anyone in possession of a full copy of the blockchain i.e. the people mining the marketplace coin, are keeping the marketplace going. Therefore anyone wanting to stop the marketplace from running would have to be able to locate, shut-off and fully delete all copies of the blockchain. Considering the threat that bitcoin is becoming for fiat currencies, dont you think They would have done this already to that blockchain if it was possible?

On the subject of morals and ethics in a decentralized marketplace, there are already threads in the forum that go into a fair amount of detail on the subject.

(If there is anything fundamentally wrong with the explanation I gave feel free to correct me)

Bitcoin is a different kettle of fish. For a start no one knows for sure who created it, therefore there is no real point of contact. All other cryptocurrencies, including Safex, have a team behind them which is known to public. Nothing is stopping government to knock on the door and shut down this service. Saying that if founders distant themselves in the future then it will be more difficult because service will be genuinely decentralised. This, however, would strip the developers of all benefits, i.e. they’ll have no say. Not sure this is what people want after investing years into their project.