So that? All the remaining coins of Saphex on Bitrex disappeared?

So that?
All the remaining coins of Saphex on Bitrex disappeared?
Or there are more options, how to take from Bitrex my favorite Safex?

You have till at least the 28th to move your coins off bittrex

If Bittrex does not release:
Neither on the purse of Safex.
Neither Cryptoria.
And in the purse of Omni, I did not find Safex.

Who can tell where and how to get out Saffex from Bittrex?

Click on the wallet link

Then your safex holdings if any will show up. Tip click the hide zero balances

on Cryptoria?
But why, if they also block out.
Or after the Omni update, they will release Safecs on

You can withdraw safex from Cryptopia

You cannot deposit safex into cryptopia. This means you cannot creat a wallet address in cryptopia for safex

Last I saw you can withdraw safex from bittrex. I just checked you will just have to wait for omni wallet maintenance to complete on bittrex then you will be able to withdraw from bittrex.

As to the safex wallet, there are 100 topics about it and even tutorial videos. Use the search feature of the forum.

Rob! Thank you.
I have a purse for Safex.
My problem: since December 15, Bittrex did not let me out - neither in Omni, nor in Cryptopia.
And in the Purse Purse.
Well, if you say that after the upgrade I can pick up, I’ll wait.
I want to transfer my Safex wallet
Are you sure that Bitrex will let go?
thanks again.

They legally have to and since they operate under USA regulations they have have to.

But you have to check every 12 hours to make sure you withdraw as soon as possible.

FYI - Cryptopia and Bittrex are not related companies but separate entities.

Dear Rob!
I want to wean and consult.
If Bittrex does not send my coins to my purse Safex for Omni updates. Then how long will this update take place.
I can not send from the coin of Safex from December 15th.
And will Bittrix send the coins after the upgrade?

Bittrex did allow sending after the 15th, I did send then

As to how long the current wallet maintenace is going to take, well I don’t know. Maybe its finished now or in 5 days. In any case its still plenty of time before the 28th

Dear Rob! Thank you. All class! My Safes is with me! But! Bitrex gave me 5 days of nerves! I took everything from them to Tradesatoshi. I believe in Saakes!

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Rob is a great help to everyone!

We have Rich Bate and the great job he is doing with Safex News, we have Astralite on Discord and many others that I apologize for not mentioning all offering their support. This speaks loudly about the integrity and strength of the Safex community.

Cheers to all of you in the community who offer your time and support to others!!!

Because of our awesome CEO and Chief Architect Dan Dabek, his staff and members like you, I am happy to be a part of this journey we’re on :sunny:

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