Some advice

I need advice.
I have 90k SAFEX is’t wise to sell now and wait that SAFEX wil dip again.
I’m in for the long term.

Sorry for the bad englisch


Hold man. Too much new stuff coming out to risk taking a gain and missing out on further gains. A lot to look forward too very soon!

I would not recommend it since thats basicaly just gambling. I tried it once and I am happy that I only lost a bit.


my feeling also said hodl!!! but some advice is always welcome.

hello heijdebaas,

i strongly recommend not to trade in short timeframes unless you know exactly what you’re doing. There are no shortcuts in trading. You need to study the stuff if you want to become successful. Taking advice from random people in a forum is not a valid strategy and many people who give advice will have conflicting interests with yours.


i tried shortcut trading when i began with crypto doesn’t work out for me.
so i think safex is just the right thing for me.

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Safex is very strong crypto but long term, I have all for on wallet and I’m waiting till it reaches $ 3-5, and there will be dividends on the way.


I already have a large # of safex but …I have a small amount of btc i keep on exchange for this type of trade. I mean hell ya who doesn’t want to 2x in an hour … and to be honest i was gonna do it jumped in … again @ 90sats the other nite … didnt take my proffits… F that… stack em in the wallet… 90 sats… ahahahh haha ilove safex… hodlbitches

3-5$ a safe ex ? Is that even possible? Don’t get me wrong I’ll love even 50 cents aud I have a couple mill safe ex

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It is possible, basically it relies on trade volume.

I wrote this the other day, you may be interested

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Looks alright and anything is possible in 5 years, we all could be flying around in drones and electric cars…
I’ll keep what I have and see how it goes for 6-12 months, I mainly want to see what happens over the next 6-12 week into first quarter of 2018, should give us a good gauge what the future could be

Here’s my opinion on it…

With some development progress and marketing (whitepaper, new blockchain etc…) and having in mind all the new money flowing into cryptos, I think SAFEX could reach a market cap of around 200,000,000 - 500,000,000. This means entering the top 30-50 list of coins.

Since there are 2,147,483,647 coins in total, this would give us a price 0.1 - 0.25$.

After that its a more serious battle, and in a much stronger competition. SAFEX would need to enter the top 15 list of coins (by current prices), with around 2 billion market cap, so that 1 SAFEX = 1$.

At some point, it will all depend on the successful launch of the marketplace, and its performance. If the whole thing really takes off, more than 1$ is possible, even with the relatively huge supply of coins (see IOTA, Ripple, NEM…).

What I think is of crucial importance for SAFEX (near) future:

  1. Issue a good quality whitepaper with no significant gaps (ie no key questions unanswered);
  2. Demonstrate development progress (eg new blockchain, alpha marketplace etc), but MAKE SURE that what you show has been properly tested and ready for the public;
  3. Significantly improve marketing/PR. Develop an affiliate programme for SAFEX promotion. Employ a PR/marketing manager who will be responsible for overall SAFEX visibility, inc. answering public questions and crisis management (in the PR context).

Ofc, a new exchange or two wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

EDIT: fixed a typo.

EDIT2: ofc, all the above assuming a relatively stable situation with the overall market cap of cryptos.

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Boris_S someone forum members told to safex team exactly wat you said. In July/August.
And what we have now? Delistening :smile: :joy:

But delisting doesn’t really have anything to do with development :wink: it’s Bittrex which need to obey USA laws

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Follow your own knowledge. DYOR.
Are you contemplating doing this out of fear? Have you heard of the term FUD?
My advice is, no matter what you want to do, do not do it out of pure excitement or pure fear.

If fear is really grippling you right now, here’s afew things i’d advise you to do instead:

  1. Since you are truly afraid, it means you have seem negative news and negative views about your own investments. But are they right? Take the time to read through analysis that says otherwise. Compare the two.

  2. If you are still very affected by emotions, turn off the computer. Don’t look at your investments. Try just turning it off from your life for 2 days. Go out, spend time with family, do some work out, have a swim. Come back to review your decision after you have a calm mind.

  3. Never make trading decisions when you are i) hyped, ii) scared, iii) dead tired.

That’s all i can advise. Whether or not you sell is up to your trading plan. Set up a playbook. Have a plan when you want to sell, when you will absolutely cash out, and when and how long you need to hold. There’s many trading lessons on youtube (alot are crap but if you spend enough time learning you come across very good ones).



I would separate two things here.

  1. Value of the coin due to its trading popularity, influenced by the number of exchanges it is on, day trading, its overall visibility, etc. There are coins which are very popular for this reason, and yet have very little of an actual “product” behind them;
  2. Value of the coin due to the actual development progress.

Now, obviously since July/August there was almost no development progress demonstrated. Therefore, most of the changes in price were due to 1). It is unfortunate that SAFEX was de-listed from Bitrex, but this should affect you greatly mostly if you use SAFEX for daily/short term trading.

On the other hand, this was also a pretty good PR opportunity for the coin, since the reason for de-listing is actually one of the strengths of the coin. Which is why I said SAFEX needs a proper PR manager, to manage and exploit crisis such as this one.

For long-term holders, the main thing is: is the development team capable to produce what they promised or not? If the answer to this question is “yes”, then I am confident in this coin, regardless of the current situation with exchanges etc…

Which is why I would like to see some development progress in the near future.

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use your own mind and you will be proud. Some hints:

Some old guy Graham:

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I agree with you. The PR is right now being done by the 2 developers, and time is taken away from the actual work.

A PR manager is definitely needed.

why do the safex wallet charge btc to withdraw safex coins ???zzzzzzzzz

Because it uses the btc blockchain?