Some quick stats about the Safex Blockchain so far!

Just thought i’d post some quick stats about the Safex Blockchain so far!

  • 580,680 Safex Cash has been mined and added to the ciruclation so far (as of the time of writing this post)
  • Our peak mining difficulty reached 473M (what is difficulty?)
  • Our peak network mining hashrate reached 3.9461MH/s (there have been some higher temporary peaks from pools, but the network hash rate takes a little longer to catch up)
  • There are at least 108 different network nodes supporting the Safex Blockchain across the world

Known blockchain nodes

United States: 30
China: 9
Japan: 7
United Kingdom: 7
Germany: 5
Brazil: 3
Korea, Republic of: 3
Taiwan: 2
Egypt: 2
France: 2
Israel: 2
India: 2
Italy: 2
Ecuador: 2
Colombia: 2
Ukraine: 1
Georgia: 1
Russian Federation: 1
Angola: 1
Canada: 1
Bolivia: 1
Belgium: 1
Indonesia: 1
Turkey: 1
Australia: 1
Denmark: 1
Serbia: 1
Uganda: 1
Vietnam: 1
Algeria: 1
Unknown: 13
Total: 108


108? In this short period! :open_mouth: Didn’t expect it!
Good job guys!


The reaility is, there may be more. There is the option to not be public to the network. Also, these numbers are based on the nodes that my nodes have seen so far.

It’s great to see though! So many first-timers going outside of their comfort zones and getting into the technicalities of starting a node and learning about how the underlying technology works!


We should target to have about 300 nodes at least full time running; I believe that over the next couple of months as we continue to communicate with the world about our achievement that this will become a reality.

FYI in 2014 there were about 350 bitcoin nodes running full time; and the market cap was approximately 7 billion$

So we’re on the road to 300 nodes :slight_smile: :sunrise:


I think with the release of the Windows and Mac binaries, this may be more of a retailty in the future. Not sure how the upcoming GUI wallet will operate, but i think i remember you saying that there may be the option to point the wallet to a local private node.


Once my old desktop back up and running hopefully tomorrow I’ll be doing another node for Australia and yes definitely outside my comfort zone

Been apart of safe for a while now love where it is going

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