Stability of SafexCash and the future marketplace

While we are waiting on the WP, does anyone have any idea about how prices on the marketplace will work? I’ll just call the future token SafexCash for the sake of discussion.

What I mean is - will vendors be able to link their prices to a relatively stable currency (eg EUR/USD, or even BTC if you call it stable) and the price itself will be expressed in SafexCash? This way the price can be automatically adjusted to reflect the relative value of SafexCash compared to the base currency.

Or the price will simply be set in SafexCash in absolute terms? But in that case, how will stability of SafexCash be ensured? Or to take it further - if SafexCash itself will be object of trade (as a token on exchanges), what will prevent SafexCash price manipulations to completely distrupt the marketplace?

In my opinion both cases should be possible, but until SafexCash becomes more stable, option 1 is far more possible than option 2.

Something like this: