Stagenet 2: Thread

You can download the binaries to run a full node for windows, mac osx, ubuntu linux here:

Be sure to use the --stagenet flag when starting up.

TWM Wallet
Today we put together the windows release and that completes a working release for the majority of platforms.

If you need Stagenet Tokens and Cash please reply to this post, or reply on twitter

You can find the downloads to windows, mac osx, and linux to the twm wallet here:

Feel free to report bugs, and post feedback to this thread.


Screen of Death Bug:

Steps to replicate.

  1. Open the wallet.
  2. Select the wallet file
  3. key in wrong password on purpose.
  4. Screen does not show error message saying its wrong password. It will just show the following (i have waited up to an hour and its still the same):


UI for the wallet can be adjusted. for display purposes. Please refer to screenshot below

UI Adjustment


Offer Picture Stores in Cache

Steps to reproduce:

  1. List any item with a new picture
  2. After you click on a “new item” The picture remains as per previous listing. (Picture should not be cached)

Thanks @pooi

These are also noted in the testing group’s Stagenet discussion/issues doc.


Picture is not loading for this item… maybe should add a handling for pictures that dont load or dissapear over time to show back the default safex logo.

Sample offer ID: 7a78be2c4abe66e4cdd0048d02495eab7084b7fbb27647fa0f8f00a77a335b08

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will the boxes disappear later or have I done it wrong, again.

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what boxes are you talking about? Its best to highlight your screen so ppl know where you are referring too


UX Suggestion:

  1. after a purchase is made, when i click on to another product. The screen hangs because its processing on the backend. Suggestion to add a message saying processing is happening and user needs to wait
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the black box of things on top, and the blue box in the middle. Is this how the screen is always going to look ?

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The black box area is your Tab navigation. The blue area is what will be the search/filter area.

Colours may change moving forward, and layout could also change, if a better display configuration is found.

But there will need to be an area for changing between the various tabs, a search area when in market tab, and then the listings of products/services in the table.


@aussiesloth I guess what @Michaelskidmorerocks means is that he is using relatively small screened laptop and those “boxes” are covering majority of the area with very little left for viewing offers. In this case a better screen space management or autohiding function would be appreciated. I have FullHD tv connected to my computer and those boxes take almost half of the screen.


Thanks developers, Yes, what G said. I’m ok with it because the pic gets big when I hold over it. I just wondered. Never underestimate a boomers lack of tech understanding, we just happen to like shopping on our phones and have a mountain of loose money. I assume in a few years there will be an Android app for twm. I’ll play with testnet more later, thanks again.


Bug Found: Buying from Self.

I suggest to disable the option to buy from themselves… this would turn to be a problem where a user keeps on buying from himself and giving himself a good rating.

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Been there, discussed it previously…

Is essentially pointless to go to that effort at a coding level, as the person could just as easily use a second wallet address to achieve the same result, and with the privacy features, it would be impossible to tell.

If someone stoops to that level, then they’re still paying 5% fees on each purchase to generate the feedback token they need.


@pooi keep in mind that we can on the second layer filter for how expensive was that purchase, and keep in mind then that 5% platform fee, which sort of forces people to keep honest about their dealings versus spamming and spoofing.