Stagenet1.1 Patch: This is why we do tests

Stagenet1 Patch
In all the excitement to launch the stagenet we forgot to set a timestamp for the activation block. This is why we run tests. Be sure to post your address to receive stagenet safex tokens to run with it.

On the released stagenet1 from Monday, we expected the marketplace features to activate on block 89400; however, while the block number was set, a timestamp should also be set, which was not. So the blockchain moved on pass the 89400 block and did not activate the advanced features.

Screenshot from 2020-06-19 08-51-32

An innocuous error, that the value has been updated in the following patch which now activates the marketplace features on block 90150.

You can download the updated binary here:

This is why we are doing these testing runs to rehearse and launch properly. Thank you for being there.

The Safex Development Community


For those of you playing with stagenet on cli and new to the cli wallet, here’s a list of the most useful wallet commands, and what they do:

balance - see wallet balance for SFX , SFT and Staked SFT. Useful for checking if you have sufficient unlocked SFX/SFT to perform desired tx.

get_my_interest - see accumulating rev share

list_offers - see all items for sale

list_price_pegs - see available price pegs

safex_account - see YOUR vendor account details and active status. With additional parameters, various options including create and edit a vendor account.

safex_feedback - see unused feedback tokens from your purchases. With additional parameters, you send feedback on a purchase.

safex_offer - view YOUR listed items. With additional parameters, you can create or edit offers.

safex_purchase (plus parameters) - purchase listed item/s

stake_token (pp) - stake SFT

transfer_cash (pp) - send SFX

transfer_token (pp) - send SFT

unstake_token (pp) - unstake SFT


Useful stagenet1 parameters:

Create vendor account: 100 SFT locked for 300 blocks

Stake SFT

  • minimum amount = 10k SFT
  • minimum stake time = 1000 blocks
  • if you stake the SFT on block n234, then at n300 they become eligible for rev share. Then the first accrual against the staking will occur at n400 (for purchases made during that preceding 100-block chunk) and every complete 100-block interval thereafter, until unstaked.
  • when you unstake SFT you get paid the rev share accumulated up to the end of the previous n00 hundred-block.

Offers you create/edit are not available for purchase for 10 blocks after the tx is processed.