Staking SFT to buy

I think it would be really cool if we can stake SFT to a vendors address to pay for a product over time.

For example, if I want to buy a piece of art, the vendor can accept a certain amount of SFT staked as collateral and collect the sfx generated as payment until the debt is paid. Then the SFT is returned to the customer.

This can be something down the roadmap once we have sales volume of course.

People would be able to buy houses, cars etc and not lose their SFT.


financial instruments such as that will only flow from a viable, well-used marketplace with regular volume, divs paid etc. Which is of course what we all want. But for anyone to accept the risk of a deferred payment they will want predictability of them having the debt paid off in a reasonable timeframe


@Edwin i though Safex is already a smart contact platform, and vendors could potentially one day in the future arrange for multiple installments before delivery at thier discretion (only a hypothetical idea here)

You stake your own SFT (or not), then pay the SFX on the agreed upon commitment dates.

I feel that technically there would not be an easy way to stop revenue share of sfx at exactly an amount, auto unlock and then flip to a new wallet address… Or maybe that’s exactly what would happen in the future…

Time will tell

Yes, of course, once sales volume kicks in.

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The idea is that you can get the product you purchased right away, while the vendor accepts your SFT as collateral until the necessary revenue generated pays off the debt.

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@Edwin Yeah, i see that. It’s like how companies work with a finance partner to offer financing and installments for their products… But just different in the private crypto world… It’s a good idea for some vendors of higher priced goods.

Who knows, you may have even opened the business model that even individuals becoming the financer a service to offer vendors… With interest of course.

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