Staking SFT

Hello there dear Safexers :blush:
I am new in the Safex world (and crypto in general), so I need a simple explanation on staking.
I bought 30K SFTs on XCalibra and I’m now looking for a way to stake it.

I read in other topics that I should do it via the cli wallet, but I’m not sure where to download it, how to install it and finally how to use it.

Some links and explanations would be really handy.
Looking forward to the future of ecommerce! <3


While the cli wallet can be dl’d from Releases · safex/safexcore · GitHub, I would strongly recommend newcomers to wait for the GUI wallet (TWMWALLET) which will be released as soon as the Usage T&Cs are completed.

Explanatory documents are also expected to be released when the GUI wallet releases.


Okay, thanks for the recommendation.
In the meantime, where can I read more about staking and how it works? :slight_smile:

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The SFT infographic gives a basic rundown…


You’re the best sloth I’ve ever met!


I was searching the forum for Staking rewards estimate etc, above infographics made me find the Dividend Calculator:

As I understand the “Gross Marketplace Volume ($ Million / Year)” is still small (of course) expected to rise in the future. Now, is there a lookup tool to see the current Gross Marketplace Volume?

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Thanks Sloth, am already there :wink:
(…although the twm explorer doesn’t seem to work when I look up a transaction, shows “Showing 0 search results”…even old transactions)

for everyone else - good (recent, March 2021) info here from @dandabek

The telegram has a bot that does a daily update, which includes GVM at the bottom.