Safex Dev Update: March 29, 2021

TWM Wallet Prerelease
Last week there was a prerelease published of the twm wallet for windows. So far silently many downloaded and successfully staked by now more than 300m safex tokens.

Some stats from the site that pulls the stats from the safex blockchain about the marketplace


You can find the releases for mac and windows here:

Release TWM 1.0.0 prerelease · twminc/twm · GitHub

With this wallet you can load your balance, stake tokens, unstake, buy an item, view your sft/sfx balances.

So far there are two test items seen when you click “show products” in the “market” section.

A parallel application stores the merchant application. We should treat this moment as a pilot of the live marketplace. A merchant onboarding process will be published in some moment and the merchant application shared.

This week we will publish a website for the world marketplace, and start listing products.

An additional step is to release signed versions of the applications so that the operating system will recognize the publisher, at this stage only use those downloadable links on the twminc github page shown above.

If you find any issues please report them to the forum here.

Also, if you restore from seeds or keys you should reopen the application and open it with “open existing wallet” option to generate a .twm file.

Realize there are three files:

the .twm file will store all of your messages and orders and your verification key that is generated uniquely with each purchase you make

the .keys file stores your private spend and view keys which control your safex money

and the file without the extension stores the data from the blockchain that has been discovered related to your wallet.

If you are using the orbiter wallet, you could make a new folder and put the “.keys” file in that new folder and use “open existing wallet”. When the wallet loads, leave it alone as it will be synchronizing with the blockchain. If after 15-20 minutes the balance does not update, you can initiate a “hard rescan”.

A comprehensive tutorial will be created though these notes so far will be sufficient at this moment.

Thank you.

The Safex Development Community


exciting times! keep going!


Great job, team. Looking forward to seeing what the week brings.


like and reply #twm on twitter for a chance to win 2000 sfx by April 2nd


an awesome milestone!


FYI I can only guarantee that 2,000 will be sent to the winner but someone increased the pot to 3,000, and i have no reason to believe that he won’t hold true to his word


The prerelease is a real beatifuII peace of software. Can’t wait for the full release and real offers popping up.

Took a while thus far, but if the result is great all time Waiting is forgotten quite fast :relaxed:


Hhmmm, excellent progress but will wait for a bit, time for my nap.


Great work! Will we be seeing a binary release for Linux at some point or will we need to compile it from source code?


There will be a linux build, however, I must change the project name since it can get messed up with the native twm linux package


Great job! Thanks a bunch.


Next step should be marketing and spreading the word about sft. For now safex doesn’t really exist in altcoins world, few people know about this