Still no wallet

Chain still syncing or what is holding the wallet up now?


Yeah would have been nice if they added a countdown on the site ore something… but then again i did get to buy some more yesturday, chances are after wallet release price will rize

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They will officially announce once they upload the binaries.

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I’m losing faith in this project if they can’t even get a wallett out on time or in the same week at least then what hope do they have at the chilli block chain?

Takes time man, it’s better to have the dev’s fix any issues and get it right, causing delays, then to put out something that isn’t working. At least we know they are working on it.

I am looking forward to the wallet release as I am attempting to connect blockchain technology to the Peace Process in Colombia and opening new markets in the Post-Conflict Zone. I sense that Dan Dabek & Co. will have some insights as to how to address the illicit financial flows challenges of a country like Colombia, given a 50-year history of violence. Not much trust there, as you might imagine.