Testimonials Wanted - Safex Market purchases

This is request to everyone who has made a purchase on Safex Market…

We are currently looking for short testimonial videos about your experience using TWM to make a purchase.

Basically, what product you bought, how it’s going, your impressions of the buying experience and the service, etc.

Doesn’t need to be long, and you don’t need to appear in the video, if you prefer to remain incognito, etc. - just show the product and talk as a voiceover.

Feel free to DM me and I can give you a link to upload videos to.

Any help would be much appreciated :pray:


For those who aren’t up to doing a video, we now also have a Google form.

It is requested that anyone who has made a purchase in TWM complete the form.



I thought I’d check in on Coinmarketcap and Worldcoinindex to see how Safex is doing. There were lots of different SAFEX pairings and even lots of different SFX and SFT pairings, but none that refer to the safex market project!

Not sure what happened there, but it’s unfortunate that this project legally was not able to secure name recognition exclusively for the use of “SAFEX,” “SFX,” and “SFT”!

I got used to thinking of SAFEX, SFT and SFX as our Brand, but I don’t see how now. There’s just so many other crypto projects using these monikers.

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I just did a search for both SFT and SFX on cmc and they both come up in search results. Never even heard of worldcoin index :man_shrugging:

You can appreciate it would be quite difficult to stop other project using tickers, particularly if the other project is based in a jurisdiction outside of the USA.


Yes I can appreciate that.

Interestingly, when I tried this search hours ago the cryptoassets Safex(SFX) and Safex(SFT) were not showing up, just a whole bunch of multiple SFX and SFT pairings with other projects. But it seems ok now.

I was curious if SafeX Market was able to Brand itself as SafeX, SFT and SFX :thinking: