Testnet MP mining

With the release of Testnet MP happening soon, how will the team mine the needed TX? Do they have cards set up for it already or will miners be on Testnet as well? Do we need to download Testnet BC and turn on a couple CPU to mine for testing? Just trying to figure out how they will get the TX pushed thru.


Of course the testnet is like the mainnet in terms of mining, yet I’m not sure it is worth attacking or causing damage

If choose to click and test out some token actions you can: but there is no plan to offer some structure that makes you feel like you’re buying or selling things. That is not the intention

The intent of the testnet is to get live usage so we can internally gain information what’s going on in a more live setting than our current development environment.

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That’s understandable. But still wouldnt a Test Sell require the TX to be mined? Just trying to wrap my thoughts around how the sfx will move thru the chain. Will nodes be set up to verify or will it be active miners doing the TX confirmations? I would think we would want active miners to get the full effect of a true test. Just my thought tho

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A sell TX is the same thing as sending SFX or SFT they are a transaction, loaded with instructions. They get mined the same way as any other transaction. There is no modification to the fundamental way block production is made.


Is it considert to make the Marketplace Blockchain a Proof of Proof Blockchain which is connected to the SafexCash Blockchain? Then all Safex Miners could fokus just on one blockchain?

I don’t know how profitable Marketplace Mining will be at the end, but since we should get as much hashpower to the SafexCash Blockchain as possible it might be a disadvantage having to chains to mine…?!?

That was my original question. Would Testnet MP need miners. Because we are having a hard enough time on the Main chain to get miners. If the Testnet MP requires miners then I’m willing to put a few cards towards it for testing. But the question still remains if needed.

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There are not two chains needed for mining.


Awesome. Good to know. Thanks pal