The 2nd Safex Block Mining Reward Increase

Today/Tonight depending on where you are we will cross the 525,000 block height on our blockchain.

This will signal the mining reward increase from 130 SFX to 200 SFX.

You can check out the latest article from that discusses some factors in the mining reward increase.


Block height 525,991 turned out to be the turning block.

The implementation actually defines a year as 262,980 blocks, whereas the blue paper used a more general time estimate, whereas the implementation of the blockchain used seconds in a year / 120 seconds (block production target) which comes out to 262,980

the additional 31 blocks is due to the mining reward penalty where a miner would produce a block that is bigger than the median block size. So less SFX would be produced which would make the sum amount less than intended requiring extra blocks to reach the milestone.


Block 525,991 safex mining reward increase 2nd