The count down has started.... Wallet or Not?

So … I still feel safex and ChillieBlockchain are going to be good. But…I’m in Canada Regina and its 10.04am and no wallet…

Tick toc… C’mon guys

I a agree… We need a wallet, this doesnt make a strong impression… Bad for the coin… I am hezitating more and more to put my money on the project… Disappointing…

The day has not finished, Relax!


haha the longer it takes to more the price will go down, buyers opportunity

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True - pity I bought last night, eh…? :wink:

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Deep inside I hope It will take a long time from now…

take your time guys:P:P:stuck_out_tongue:

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brothers and sisters the wallet will be here soon so please hold on for dear life!

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Well … I for one will be buying MUCH more… These guys have something here so let just see. I want to see the rent accommodation market except chilli and safex.

That network and wallet i have a funny feeling its going to appeal to the average person thats what will make it big.

  1. there already is a wallet. 2. where do you get this new wallet info from?
    ive been on this forum for a bit and i have heard nothing about no wallet. are you guys all new and just buy in?
    How did you find out about safex? are you here because you did your research or are you here because someone told you safex is going to the moon with a bunch of fake info ? lol

I find it funny that everyone is so obsessed with that wallet, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely going to be a plus but in the end every coin got one and people gonna use it for is either arbitrage trading between exchange or to HODL so I don’t get why the market have no patience like that and go crazy for something as basic as a wallet (Especially knowing how great this one will be looking from the picture we’ve seen on most coin these days).

Respecting Deadline is something that even the biggest and most trustworthy corporation in the world don’t get to succeed at so don’t go to hard on SAFEX for having a day or two delay in giving you quality product. Remember that this is a long term investment that is building his way up for the past 2-3 years already so invest for the long run because you believe in the project, not because you got into that project by following random FOMO on the internet promising you this will get too the moon in the next couple hours…I believe in this project and i’m here for the long run and even if the Wallet would come out only in a week, remember that so far they have delivered everything they said they were supposed too compare to many death or stagnant project out there that promise the world but you never see it progressing.

Those that learned how to trade and HODL are the one making money in the long run and those with weak hands always end up regretting in the long run :wink:


Well Said …Good Wisdom!

People need to understand its still the 9th in Europe

Your message is true. Everyone (including myself) is very excited about the project and only want to see progression

Some people just need to have faith a understand great things take time

Just know that more effort is going into it :rocket:


Is there going to be a delay or is Safex going to make an end of the day release ? a possible update would just be nice.

have you sold out?

All this doesn’t matters this is just the same media BS as normal, nothing can be certain right now. In my opinion the wallet will be released today or tomorrow this almost always happens with new currencies, especially on bitfinex , a coin says it will come out at a given time and it’s never on time. This can not be compared to a company like apple, this is a new market not only a new coin.

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Also It is not suppose to come out today, sometime this week, Just to make sure everyone knows that.


Stop fudding. Jesus Christ. If you’re that worried then sell out. This is a long term hold not a quick pump and dump. They went to Poland to tell investors what they have. What more do you expect them to do. Safly If the price was still rising I doubt anyone would be fudding or care. The price went up significantly in the past week, a pull back is normal. When the wallet is release expect to see a bounce up in price.