The Emerging Gaming Market and Safex

I know many of you are avid gamers. Have a look at this article and discuss how you think the Safex Blockchain can apply to the growing gaming industry.

PS: Huge thanks to Chris for submitting this article as part of the Safex News Community Content programme.


Nice article. This reminds me of some thoughts I had when Dan was having his “branch into manufacturing or games” debate on discord awhile back.

IMO, games where, riskier, as it depends so much on making a really good game, but if done right the potential payouts are huge.

In these we’ll be using gold as the, pardon the pun, gold standard for in-game currency.

First is the most obvious, the safex market place could be used to sell in-game items(In addition to a gold auction house) and even gold itself(gold farming is rampant, why not balance around it and profit), as well as official content through microtransactions.

Another possibility would be to add a safex games account type as either a standalone account or an upgrade to a basic account. In this type of account, a certain(possibly tiered) amount of safex tokens could be locked in, either earning no dividends or the dividends split between developer and locked in coins, for premium features such as quicker leveling, etc. The lock in could either be until manually released or with a user set time in weeks with each week after the first earning a bonus day at the end of the cycle. Re-locking in during bonus days would earn an enhanced reward.

Having tokens locked in for a certain period could also earn unique items, similar to login rewards. Having tokens locked in could also entitle the account hold to beta test new games/features and if they’re locked in when a game launches, it could grant the equivalent of a founder’s pack.

And last on my list, There could be an in game option to run a safex node in exchange for a perk. Maybe a safex tabard or a little Dan in a lambo to follow you around.


Both industries are growing so fast, junction of gaming and cryptocurrency is the future