The Larry and Joe Show - Coingorilla

@dandabek Been watching The Larry and Joe Show.
Coingorilla showing a lot of respect for Safex and Dan Dabek.
Wants to hear from Dan Dabek so that he can list Safex!
This guy, like Dan Dabek, is the real deal!
Very Sincere and Legit.

Best Wishes to everyone!

Iā€™m so excited about the future of SafeX. My number one pick out of all the coins.

I think Safex is going to do very well in 2018.

Dan Dabek has made some strategic decisions that clearly demonstrate his commitment and the likelihood that Safex will succeed. Moving the project to Serbia, his affiliation with Liberland, the formation of Balkaneum, attendance at numerous conventions and participation in live interviews.

Other than investors, there are many who have high expectations for this project. I for one have taken to online shopping for virtually all of my needs. The promise of the Safex marketplace hopefully will enable me to continue to pay for those same things, but use Safex Cash instead of fiat currency, and do it anonymously.

For these reasons I believe Safex Coin has real intrinsic value and a good future ahead of it!

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