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Can’t make dates promised…but…they won’t hire anyone…and a 1/3 of their staff already left…and your still hodl tokens?.. …losing ordeal…Bigly

I understand the negative sentiment here. In all fairness, this year, the only tangible progress has been an offline wallet. I really appreciate the weekly updates and I’m sure Dan and the team are working hard against huge challenges. This feels like the bottom to me.
As a long term investor I still hope thr next couple of months will show the community the promised results in terms of whitepaper, exchanges, alpha blockchain and ramped up dev team.
Unfortunately this end of the year is a bit depressing like the 30% BTC correction and huge transaction fees on the bitcoin/omni network that prevent the safex coin to be moved arount and traded as any other altcoin. I cant wait for safex to finally have its own blockchain.
Happy new year my friends, I’m sure 2018 will bring great things to all of us.

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