The new is awesome!

Congrats Safex Team ! The new is perfect, it has everything, it’s user friendly, it’s crystal clear and finally with a search box. Now everyone has the opportunity to learn everything about Safex the easy way. I am sure the will lead Safex to a new era . Awesome job guys !


Been following this project since 2017, witnessed several different websites come and go, and each iteration builds on the one before as goals are met and new features are added. Safex now, is a real thing, with real products and real development. It has come such a long way!

I’ve learned there is so much work being done behind the scenes that is being done by extremely dedicated people. This project is a very big undertaking, in all aspects of a high tech commercial startup, requiring so many skilled professionals, law firms, marketing, accountants, economics, software engineers and developers, venture capitalists, etc. This project has seen others try to leverage it’s brand, Safex, SFT, SFX, Safex Wallet, etc. I’m amazed and especially grateful, for the fight in this project’s leaders and staff, for doing everything in their power to defend our brand and show the world, show everybody, that a truly decentralized and private ecommerce platform, relying solely on cryptocurrency is possible.

With this new website, and with the eventual release of TWM v2 and the mobile app, I can envision a section dedicated to the success stories of others from all over the globe, and especially in the less fortunate regions, of how this project has impacted their livelihood and we’ll being!

Much appreciation to Dan, Aharon, Ivana, Paul and so many others :+1: