The official Safex currency should be named before releasing whitepaper, new website, affiliate etc

IMO, I think we should vote first to decide the names first of the Safex shares, coins, etc before the new website launch, affiliate program and whitepaper. I think it would reduce and confusion when newcomers do their own due diligence and research Safex. We don’t need people getting confused seeing several old names such as Chille, etc and not knowing exactly what is what. Am I wrong here? Would like to hear opinions.

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@parlaygambler something that crosses my mind as well, however I thought about underlining the terms or parentheses (shares) (cash)

So that they may be place holders. What do you think about it?


I think Daniel ahould name everything. Advices are fine but too much democracy is not good for this kind of situation


Option 1: If we do use them as placeholders I think it should be made clear to new users that these are temporary placeholders, and you could give this as a first-hand example of how voting rights in the community work. This could promote more people to start storing their Safex in their wallets.

Option 2: On the other hand, once the voting application is ready, we could choose the names for all of the Safex pieces before you release all of the updates. This would make for a smoother look and less confusion. (Chille was already a placeholder, so we don’t need a placeholder for a placeholder). If the community can vote and decide on the names in a timely manner it would be less work down the line needing to revise or clarify certain aspects, without causing any ‘perceived’ delays with potential investors.

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I think a white paper sooner than later is a big step here. All of us, i assume, are on board here Dan but as excited as I am I am scared too everything coming out together. Thank you for not making this an ico but I know us holders at this point are on pins and needles based on where the market could be at anytime. Where everyone else used crowd funding before product you didn’t and you have a great community here so as there is a ranking system in this forum and everyone is open use us more. I think strategically a few of us would be happy(Not me I own too little) to know the next few steps especially after that wall battle by the community this week. Crypto is becoming mainstream also adaptability will be easier with more clairvoyance to us believing in your project early to route new money to this idea. Even only owning 130k safex I have had two new people get into your project and idea. This is the best community in crypto use us as much as we use you to make this self sustainable


Basically where betters say you have a small team you have a free team invested with a community ready to launch use us to make this happen as often as you can

Voting wouldn’t be ideal because we don’t have the system in place yet. There’s no way to verify who actually owns SAFEX (edit. as of now).

I think whichever name is the most simple and intuitive to a newcomer would work the best.

Shares and cash describe what the coin does. You spend cash, and shares in a company give you equity (or dividend too depending on the company).


@webber voting application requires you to prove your safex ownership using a signature.

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Safex shares
Safex cash
Safex blockchain
Safex market

Keep it simple and succinct with Safex as the core branding.


Hey bro just while we on the topic of timelines . When veiwing ur timeline on the safex website it likes to go where ever it wants when using a phone .can only veiw the top and the last one . Found a forum online where others were having a similar problem using safari . Just a heads up bro take care love the coin #100% in .


How about Coiny McCoinerface?

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I think we don’t even need to have a vote for the marketplace currency name. To me, >4.2k YouTube viewers, the discord residents and most here it’s already a done deal: safex cash. Good name, clear what it stands for! Time waster when we go to vote.

Edit: too much voting also seems like there’s some governing going on; doesn’t sound decentralised (to me)

We need to know more…, I need to know more details about how the new coin will be introduced ,VS what we have right now in a “safex” wallet and what is on exchanges as Safeexchange SAFEX.

We all love the SAFEX name.
But what do we need in the market exactly ?
Can we keep the same or do we need something different ?

I do know when merchants give a price they need something here ; 19,98 (*******) like;; 19,98 dollars or 19.98 bitcoin.

Now if we go with 19.98 SAFEX… We like it , it works, BUT we have this unique situation, that needs clarity minus confusion, we would like to use it but don’t know if we can or how.
Now I understand the -SAFEX share- and -SAFEX cash- etc… but it is not a proper NAME.

Can you say -Dollar shares- , -Dollar cash ?

19,98 Dollar cash ?

Now there is this ; -Bitcoin cash- Thing, Is it any good ?, we know it is an offshoot of Bitcoin.
Is it a good name by itself ?

So again we need more clarity of what we need and how it is going to unfold; (wallet,name,exchanges,blockchain etc.)

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Safex Notes
Safex Motes ( as in tiny - like IOTA)
Safex Square (as in “Square Deal”)
Safex Bacon (which you might find in a Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich)

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Agree with many points here, whitepaper coming ASAP (this will present consolidated information). Touch down in HQ tomorrow afternoon and back to grind to wrap all updates within the next two weeks well before the 18th December.


I’ll throw my 2 cents in. I like the name SAFEX, it’s a very good name. But if you have to name them something I’ve got “Safe-X’s”, “Safeties” or"SafeNotes".


Whatever is done keep it simple and keep it consistent there is nothing worse than an identity crisis killing a brand off as screwed up marketing is VERY expensive and time consuming to rectify.

I like the name Safex too, “chilli” and Chilli Coins isn’t as professional sounding.

I like Safesams idea of just keeping it as Safex Shares, Safex Cash, Safex market etc it keeps the branding simple when you start mixing names up things get lost in translation.

Safex Coin or cash or whatever it’s called on the exchanges however should be 3 letters like SFX just to future proof it for 3 digit codes ISO 4217 currency code, if website were ever to take it on it would then be a more straight forward procedure for existing API’s.


Safe coin? something simple like that ?

I like the idea of shortening it just to make it easier to find. Also the only thing that sucks about calling them shares is the potential regulation that some countries might try to impose on it because it is a form of equity. But I’m sure there will be ways around this and overall I agree that we should go with shares. As for calling the other coin safex cash, it is straightforward and would make sense, but there’s also an argument to be made over naming it something slightly different so that we can move past this concept of cash. I have seen credits mentioned here and there, or maybe something like safex points or safex tokens. But if we all vote for cash then I wouldn’t mind using it as it was a community decision and I am a part of the community here. We have to assume collectively we will choose the best course of action, and maybe calling it cash would be best for marketing purposes.

Idea for coin name xefas?