The Safex Vision and Impact on Society as a Whole

I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of Safex from an economic and societal point of view. Doing a lot of reading on economic schools of thought, economic mechanisms/principles, ideological political theory, the history and function of money, and historical civilization’s control and devaluation of currency.

Safex has the revolutionary potential to radically change and improve society through a decentralized marketplace, sound money, and further enabling individual enterprise.

I think it’s very important for us as a collective to identify, understand, and agree upon not just a token name, but our vision.

Is Safex to be merely in the exchange provider market acting as a more traditional business, or will it pursue it’s potential as never-before-seen disruptive technology that will play a role in the emergent redesign of our world?

What are the core values held by Safex? We may have a vision for our marketplace, but what about our vision for our role in society as a whole?

We’re doing something that’s never been done before. Safex is going to become an anonymous, decentralized global, marketplace. Perhaps the first true free market. With a finite supply in the spirit of bitcoin, the new token will be sound money. I’ve read that Dan’s vision for Safex was for it to become some sort of DAO. I hope you can see where I’m going here.

Important Reading:

Independent, decentralized projects as Safex have been theorized within certain ideologies. Safex may actually be one of the first implementations of these independent systems (with the obvious exception of bitcoin).

Having a clear vision of the greater societal impact of the project is important to keep the community focused and to prevent the fragmentation we’ve seen in the bitcoin experiment.

I would like to go on, but I would like to hear what you guys and @dandabek think.



As always, thank you for your thoughtful post.

I, too, have been pondering the broader applications of what is happening in “real-time” with the SAFEX project. The story that is unfolding is worthy of exposure to hungry minds interested in witnessing the unfoldment of the next iteration of the global economy. SAFEX plays an increasingly significant role in this process.

I believe that what SAFEX represents is part of this Global Movement for a more inclusive economic system that empowers individuals to freely exchange without providing their information to parties who would use that information against the individual. As SAFEX investors, we have a most humbling task lying before us, to usher in one of the first iterations of this emerging approach to a Humanity-centric Economic Model rather than an Individualistic (Rational actor - Keynes, Friedman, etc.) economic model.

If SAFEX lives into what may be possible, the project could gain momentum and interest simply because of what it is proposing to do. When @dandabek brought in an economist for this project, he signaled a new approach for the Crypto space. IMO, I sense that SAFEX is a prototype that can benefit from the interest of others who may not be “financial” capital investors, but investors of many other types of capital - Human, Social, Intellectual, etc. If we create a SAFEX Ecosystem with the SAFEX project as just a part of a broader mandala of elements, we may engage a host of buyers and sellers who simply want to be part of something on the growing edge of Human Innovation and Reimagining ourselves and how we buy and sell products and services.

The SAFEX Ecosystem is what counts. The more sustainable it is, the more it takes into consideration the importance of its own existence as an expression of “what’s next” for humanity, the more it can be related to from multiple perspectives and, perhaps, separate it from other CryptoAsset projects.

Thanks again for your post and look forward to reading more of your suggestions on a collective vision and integration with the world around us.