The Trollbox

DIscuss anything here, any spam will just be dropped into this thread :wink: WIld or whatever crazy things will be just deleted;

LOL well said Aegis , Guess we cant blame Safe for the Fud attempt at cheap coins but to anyone watching including Safe its painfully obvious that the current price of 100 sats is rediculously cheap and its obviously going somewhere much higher and soon. 6 sats pfft :slight_smile:

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It will go down to IPO and will probably buy more at that price, for now I just want to make sure I buy coins short term. It’s not FUD. You sir, belong in the Poloniex Trollbox;

“we will not see again this prices.”
“such a poor FUD.”

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How high will SEC likely go in the next week or so? Obviously if we all knew we’d be rich haha. I’m just new to SEC and curious what others are thinking about it. :slightly_smiling:

Let’s respect the thread @zeb remember all trading partners, make another thread so people can better find it @zeb :wink:

lol but you where not claiming 6 hours ago that safecoin " will go down quickly to IPO or even lower since a few people want their investment back"? Im still laughing with your last thread, pretending to buy at 50% price with such a poor FUD.

With the MVP just around the corner, If you really think that any one that has been following the development for weeks, months or years. and knows the implication of the project, is going to sell you when this have not even started, you are really misunderstanding the situation.

Buy it before is to late, price will go up again next week, and once the MVP is confirmed, we will not see again this prices.