The Unofficial FAQ for Noobs

There’s no “official” Safex FAQ, and we’ve been getting a lot of the same questions posted randomly all over the place, so I figured I’d put one together myself.

Maybe I’ll delete it, maybe I’ll edit it, maybe I’ll get banned for this shit, but until then, this is what you’ve got.

  • Where is my Safex?

You’re asking this question because you think you bought some Safex but you don’t know where it’s at.

First of all, if you don’t know the answer to this question, you probably shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. However, this is the noobs’ guide so I’ll help you out. Keep reading.

The real answer to this question is, “it’s everywhere”. Okay, not really, but it does exist all over the world on the bitcoin block chain. In order to prove that you own it, you need to have a private key, also known as a wallet file (do not share this with ANYONE).

  • Where is the Safex block chain?

It’s currently in development. Right now it piggybacks on the bitcoin blockchain. More specifically, it exists on the bitcoin block chain on what’s called the “Omni Layer”. For now.

  • What is the “Omni Layer”?

The Omni Layer is a 3rd-party system that lives on the bitcoin block chain that uses bitcoin transaction messages to secure and validate transfers.

  • I have no idea what that means

Why are you spending money on this shit, then? You deserve to get ripped off.
No, nobody deserves to get ripped off, but you should be paying more attention to this shit.

  • I bought it from the Safex website

If that is the case, then you probably would have been walked through the creation of a Safex wallet. Keep that private key, that wallet file, to yourself. Whatever you bought still lives there. If you lost it, it’s gone. We can’t recover you’re wallet file. There is no “support team” that can recover your password, if you encrypted it with one. If we could, then it would be hackable. If it was hackable, then the entire idea of a distributed public ledger encrypted block chain marketplace would be nonsense vaporware. Mathematically, it would take every computer longer than the heat death of the universe to crack your private key. So keep that thing safe, eh? If you didn’t, sorry for your losses. They got sacrificed to the Safex gods (which, mathematically, means the value you lost got evenly distributed among those who still maintain control over their wallets, or private keys).

  • I’m a cryptocurrency day trader

Kindly find your way to the door please. The biggest the American Italian mob ever got was from pump and dump schemes and tax scams, and we are not into that shit. I hope your next shit coin finds you in the dumps.

  • I tried to send my Safex with a really low BTC fee and it’s not throught yet

Your cheap ass just put yourself at the end of the line. Either it will go through eventually, or get rejected by the miners and it will be like it never happened. Try again with a larger tip for the guys processing your stuff for you next time.

  • Cryptopia scammed me

This hasn’t happened yet. Give them some time to update their Omni Layer so that you can move your Safex off of their site. PLEASE do not contact their support team or threaten them, they’ve already banned us all for that and we’re hoping to get un-banned.

Quite frankly, I don’t feel sorry for you if you moved your coins from Bittrex to Cryptopia and will later wonder why your shit is all fucked up. Move your shit into your own damn wallet already.

  • Where am I supposed to send my Safex?

Right here: 1HcSLAoLjeHwkkBjPDTrBqW9Lk3xkaf3xL
That’s my wallet. You’re welcome.


You are absolutely right! 100% No doubt in my mind. I’m probably insane for thinking I can get into a system like cryptocurrency and make some money without having a clue as to what I’m doing. I don’t have enough money to affect anything through a pump and dump scheme but would LOVE to LEARN and make a little through day trading on the volatility of this market. I’m not betting the farm or even the front porch swing, and I know enough to take some out every now and again but to also stay in for the long haul. But I’m the clearest definition of a NOOB, and don’t feel I necessarily need to understand the technical details of the Blockchain and where it sits and it’s protocols etc. maybe I do. But…no I don’t. I want to know where and how to buy and sell coin/tokens whatever to make a little to help pay for a surgery I need. If I win great if I lose I never bet too much in the first place, and my little coin fund is distributed across a volatile marketplace that will likely be around maybe in a different form and maybe one of em will happen to hit. Call it the gambler in me. I like SAFEX in particular the community and I will likely get more to hold as I take little gains from the volatility,

In the meantime my understanding of wallets is rudimentary at best, and before I send something to never be recovered I’d like to be clear on how best to buy and store and sell primarily altcoins. I have s GDAX (coinbase) acct to enter the market and the bittrex website is acceptable, but when I move coins to a non-exchange wallet for safe-keeping, I honestly would love a single place to keep everything, but it doesn’t appear that is an option. I know it all exists virtually but I’d like a wallet that showed what I hold and provides the functionality to easily move my holdings around (in & out of the exchange).

You seem to know what you’re talking about with a healthy attitude and I’d appreciate your witty response. Thanks.

If you have access to the website you could start with learning from some of Dan Dabek’s videos on YouTube and also directly from:


Best Wishes!

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Watched how to buy at the website and 10,000 is minimum sold (0.09 BTC). 1,000 MINIMUM would be helpful. lots of excellent youtube reviews.