The World Marketplace - buyer protection programme

I just thought about a system similar to Ebay’s “buyer protection” programme.
On a topic from 2017 (linked below), people discussed the trust between buyers and sellers, but it seems that nothing came out of that (no action or official announcement).

  1. I thought about Escrow process, but I guess that it could add a lot of complexity to the whole network (and require additional development).
    Escrow: SFX that buyer BB pays to seller SS could go to an intermediate address IA, which would hold the SFX until the buyer confirms he received the goods. When BB receives the product (or a certain time passes without a dispute), SFX are transferred from IA to SS.
  1. Another thing that could be done is what was mentioned in this comment - How can Seller/Buyer build Reputation/Trust on the Marketplace - #18 by liborum

new sellers could get endorsed by older, more well-known sellers so that people feel better about using said seller. Same goes for older buyers that have a history of purchasing and leaving helpful reviews on many different listings and markets. They could be asked to review products and that would help ease peoples’ minds.

  1. Also, each seller could add link to their amazon/ebay/anyOtherMarketplace profile. On that linked profile, they should add their Safex username or Safex address - anything that uniquely identifies them on TheWorldMarketplace.

So for example, seller with Safex address 1A2B3C could write on his TWM profile something like “link to my Amazon profile”. And then when you click on that link, you would see seller’s description on Amazon, where he also added "TWM Safex address: 1A2B3C".

What do you think? :brain: :zap: :wolf:


you are absolutely right on No 3. Many successful well-known sellers will jump on TWM and we can trust them. As an attempt to help buyers track those legit, top merchants we created the Don’t forget that safex is just starting, in the near future after sellers build enough feedback will be exactly as eBay, amazon and alibaba only better plus with the lowest fees around.


And an interesting conversation starter if users of Amazon see a weird looking Safex address and start enquiring about what it is.


Thank you @Athan,

I was not aware of

Sellers and merchants would be wise to link it on their websites

Many thanks to the community!