There is competition

On slack last night I noted David saying there is no similar project and competition did not worry him.

First: it should.

Second there is a VERY similar market already OPEN.

I’m rethinking my Investment.


We have already discussed it extensively…


@amcdoc so much awkward FUD posts from you, your opinions are your own, and you should decide for yourself what you do.

It’s great you keep doing research, go with your heart.

Our team hsa done our own research and we keep moving forward.


All you did was throw a random crypto out there. Competition? If you want to get on that instead, then by all means go ahead. Everyone has had more than enough time to know the very distinct differences between Safex and “similar” ideas. However, since there is no “competition”. What exactly was to point in posting? Just to see if you could stir the pot? Otherwise, wouldn’t you give any info about the differences, similarities, network effects or literally anything to validate this feeling of “competition”. Because, if you did. You’d have never posted this having known the differences.

Think about your thought process for a moment.
Did you dump all your BTC when ETH came out? Only to dump the ETH when ANS was introduced? Then sell it off the moment you understand IOTA.

I’m guessing probably not. So why approach Safex in this manner?


I think that the main problem is that people think that the world revolves around “crypto investors”

In fact it does not. You have no idea about how few people are still in this. And the existing “solutions” only address the usual crypto investors. As if people just want to go after your bitcoins rather than create a new user. That is not us. If you don’t buy Safex we’re still going to go forward.

We don’t benefit from your holding safex unless you are participating in creating this network. We don’t sell Safex into the market to pay bills at all. We didn’t buy low to dump, we buy low to earn from the blockchain network that we launch ASAP. and we are not trying to bring on the crypto investors to participate. They are not the target market and never have been. Why? because the population of merchants are mostly not involved in crypto at all yet.

What you call competition is serving only as speculative instruments to further speculate in cryptos, or to service existing crypto currency holders. We’ll be making crypto currency Users through our marketplace.