What’s everyone’s thoughts on where safex is heading in the new year. Things are looking interesting already. Dingo wants to wish all the serious members a very merry Christmas and a safe new year… TOO THE MOON…


Hahaha no idea I dont think anyone has an answer for that.

I know where mine is heading



Tucked up nice and safe with all the pillows nicely fluffed.

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Can we still buy safex anywhere?

at the moment no, I am sure in next few weeks something will pop up

Thank you for your response, @dali

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You could read the other 50 threads about the exact same thing before posting a new one.

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Dan the man will update soon on what’s going on, I’m happy holding and can’t wait for the future of safex!!

All the hype around safex with McAfee and the delistings will only pump the price of safex when it hits a exchange. Plus the white paper and alfa and website update licking my lips with anticipation.
Long term holder here

No need for contention… the last 50 threads are about bittrex/cryptopia… hes just trying to get some others thoughts… seems reasonable enough.

Merry xmas to you too :slight_smile: hope you enjoy it!

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It is a price prediction again… and we have already so many threads about it. The forum has went from a bachelor pad to a teenagers room in terms of tidyness :slight_smile:

Yeah probably! I read it as “where is the company heading”… but with ‘to the moon’ at the end… you are surely right! theres surely enough of that.

When theres a market it will happen. People want to buy/trade Safex (this is clear from all the noise that its created the past week) so any smart exchange will take up that offer. I’m sure Daniel is working on a couple options.