I would be interested to know a timeline with the new updates on the Blue paper would also give some more market support. As I know once the transition off Bitcoin to Safex blockchain will also have a positive impact on where SAFEX can be traded. But I do think some solid dates of development and even stages currently at would be useful milestones.


We don’t need timeline . Timeline is at least two years. We need 2 months for a new exchange . But why to sell now which costs about 1500 safex and not to wait until Safex blockchain is up tested and running , probably in 2019 . Or even better hold Forever and get the Dividends .Why rushing , Safex is Awesome Safex is the Future top 10 for sure !!!

Because any project requires a timeline and structure its basic project management. SAFEX has changed its delivery and now changing from Chilli to SAFEX blockchain as well as moving off the Bitcoin network, there is no point going to another exchange until the disconnect with Bitcoin happens as I believe this was a fundamental problem with Cryptopia. So if it moves onto its own blockchain first then I suspect that access to exchanges will be much easier.


That was pure speculation. People mistook a requirement of crytopia, it was that coins required a working blockchain. People mistook this as required their own blockchain, which wasn’t the case.

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Yep, them and bittrex required a working blockchain for the coin. And of course safex still has a working blockchain - the BTC blockchain since safex and a number of other coins on these exchanges use the omni-protocol

And unfortunately some/many still do.

For a very long time now, safex was going to be on its own blockchain. And the bluepaper only shows how it is to be done, not that it was going to be done since that has been known for a year or so.


The safex.io website will display much more information including:

the roadmap;
tutorial videos;
first mover program;

These will be launched in stages;

This is for you, in the background we are hiring help to make this happen in a timely and consistent fashion. Looking forward to everything. Thanks for inquiring, and huge thanks to people who are sticking with us along the way: @Rob :pray:


Thanks for that as I think this will inject more confidence in the project with a solid roadmap. As I know the project can be successful but giving it a timescale helps especially in Crypto where FUD and hype mess around with values. While a solid visual timeline with delivery shows things are on track and when.


Timeline broken down into the 4 quarters isn’t solid enough for you? You want it down to the microsecond?

…Planck-time please!!

There is no timeline currently. The only allocated “quarter” is for the Affiliate program first 1st Quarter of 2018 but that isn’t mentioned in the Bluepaper so has that changed?

The rest will no doubt follow but my point was its important to have a solid timeline that is achievable as it outlines the project properly. Chilli blockchain for example was promoted last year to the point it should have already been completed by now. SAFEX has changed slightly since last year a good timeline adds support to the project its as simple as that.


Stop spreading false information, timeline is NOT 2 years. Marketplace is due this year

Maybe 2 years total, but not from today

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There was a timeline in the old version of the website, they’ll be re-adding it back to the new website very soon (as Dan mentioned)

@dandabek gretat to now it! i was really worried about the roadmap

@dandabek ah dan we need the get safex button soon i need to buy and i dont find it

Bluepaper has general information and outlining about the project itself. Like @cryptomaniac mentioned, lets wait for the timeline on the new website.

As always, Dan. We are expecting a GOOD project, not a FAST one, no matter what ppl say (and we trust you to deliver as you always have). Till then, have no fear, we are hodling… :slight_smile:


I’m sure some people complained that the blue paper was late, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a non issue.

I mean that Safex will need at least 2 years to reach Maximum attention and profits,only few Serious investors know about it yet…I don’t talk about daytraders i mean serious business, i will hold safex forever cause i am a merchant and i need safex coins to initiate my business


that’s absolutely right , 1st lets move onto Safex blockchain and then access to exchanges with minor fees.


Everyone who is here for a short term gain is missing a big picture.
A secure marketplace where participants can set their own rules in the market it quite a revolutionary idea! Being able to trade with whom you like and under the rules you set is an essence of economic freedom.
Lets be real here: how long did it take for Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma to build their own platforms? And they cant give you a half of what is Dan going to create here!

So Im sticking with Dan here all the way bc this project here is a game changer