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Hi everyone,

In the blue paper Dan, use the exemple of apple we will need to burn 200 safex to own the Title market “apple” but do we need to burn 200 other safex to own the Title market “apples” or the plurial form is included (thx for your answer)

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Hmhm, that’s an interesting question. I’m hoping that plural should be included in the title market - after all it is connected to the product not the linguistics. :slight_smile:

For me Apple would be mainly iphone, ipod and co

While Apples would be fruit (if there is a good reason to make a title market for just one fruit…)

It makes sense to me, that title markets. Would be like a web URL: they have one and only one exact name and spelling - would wonder if the blockchain would integrate a dictionary to figure out which words are from the same word family

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Lets take fruit and not Apple :slight_smile: (cause that make confusion with the brand)

I totally agree with you @Mex but I just want a confirmation of Dan or another DevTeam a lot of people tell me it’s will be like Web URL but I don’t find this info it’s just logic or Dan talk about that on Discord ?

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This is what I had in mind; and there are economic reasons for maintaining that. The cost of registration and commitment must be established. That is why coins are burned.

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How do you keep people from squatting on title markets the way they squat on domain names?

Like with domain names it doesnt really matter what they are. It’s how they are put forward on the market. How they are promoted that makes a domain name relevant.

what happens if someone owns the market title and is a terrible curator and does not care about the market title? Let’s say they own the three of the most common - electronic, household and Arts & Crafts… what then happens if someone wants to actually run that properly?

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Think of it like domain names, google.com is the most popular domain name, but is not in the dictionary.

I probably wont be buying anything from the title market called “electronics” because who knows who is operating it. I will go to the market that is the most promoted with the most products I am interested in.

For that market to be most promoted the operator will invest in marketing and public out reach, and will entice sellers or at least have the products that people want on their marketplace.

If one day they fall out, it doesn’t really matter we will find the next market that is doing good business to buy our products. It is not like we lose anything because someone has a name, what we intend to have is good service to buy goods/services. A single bad market does not mean suddenly we lost something.


So the main Safex portal is kinda like a search engine, an aggregate of separate title markets. I’m guessing there will be a slot for description (like the meta description on search engine results) along with stats (like # products listed, revenue, rating etc) at a glance.

The 250 Safex is like the fee for buying a domain name. At $0.10 per Safex that’s around $25 per domain name, which is a comparable price.

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My expectation is that the price will rise, and it will be fairly “expensive” to buy a title market. ($100s)

safexmarketcap.com will be a portal that we support to curate listings to track those details such as volume, the description, the operator, etc


Amazon.com has nothing to do with the jungle :face_with_raised_eyebrow: