To new investors and those gripped in fear

Some people on here would be long time holders btc holders looking to spread their wings. No one really knew how that thing was gonna play out. I have cut my portfolio down and offloaded to 0 other alt coins to buy Safex due to the message they are portraying. The Dubai thing got me hooked some weeks ago and the rebel in me enjoys the concept. I think most people are still noobs in crypto including the millionaires.


Pirate ship on the web site. plus ouija board … its like you never heard of Joey Crypto.


Good point about separating the hype men and those looking to intentionally scare people from those with genuine concerns. However their language has been so brazen that any rational person shouldn’t fall for either.
I agree this should be a sticky

I am on the same boat as you.

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Where can i find news after this about affiliates, partnerships, and white paper release?

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i’m a total noob. with almost zero knowledge of how this crypto world works. I wanted to invest into something and with all the BTC hype I fancied getting involved. I bought some bitcoin on Coinbase and moved it into an online investment account promising a 4% return daily. it’s safe to say that I got totally screwed over and they took my crypto and run. that’s when I started looking into altcoins and actually talking about it with friends and people who had any understanding. SAFEX was mentioned and spoke very highly of. what appealed to me mostly is dan’s interaction with his followers. he is present and truly believes. The belief rubbed off on me and so I purchased my SAFEX and will hold it for the long haul. Wether I know everything or nothing. I have just as much right to hold SAFEX as the next person. we’re on the same team. Believing can make dreams come true.

investments “PROMISING” a return is usually a scam

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Like bitconnect

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Im watching ripple skyrocket…hoping one day the same convos happening on the reddit/ripple thread will be happening on this forum.
I still believe in this project and the general crypto hype around right now is great…but safex has to play a strong hand soon…

Sorry to hear you got screwed…I’m a noob, in crypto only one month. I mean, I made a Bitcoin wallet four years ago, but I didn’t know how anything worked (insert crying face here).

I don’t want to jinx things, but so far, I haven’t been screwed or scammed. Taking a little profit here and there, but nothing to shout from the rooftops about. Safex is most coin I own, but not millions like others…I wish I had been more alert before the delisting, and wallet chaos at Btrx. I would have bought more. Oh, well, it’s all good!

Diversification is key. If all ur life savings and ur desperate and cant afford to loose it then this is not the game. Theres poker and gambling for you. Safex should be a safe investment where you believe in the project and the product and you have a chance to buy in at early stages. Xrp was always going to work as they have big backers and the escrow was always to happen. It will fly. Safex is like a mix between xrp and verge ( my opinion ) with the aim of being more secure and i am hoping not reliant on the bitcoin as much as others. Bitcoin is the founding father but these ones after will be better implemented. Dan doesn’t expect you to kill yourself over it, just be a supporting investor. Yes communication must improve but its hard in this day and age where peope expect things immediately. Does the bank, phone company get back to you quick ? Dont think so.

I don’t know what Dan is planning for Safex specifically, but that’s not how block chain technology works. I could create a wallet completely disconnected from any network, write down the private key, and then have a friend broadcast a send to the public key on the block chain ledger… and my money would be “there” even though me or my computer or my wallet never even touched the network. A block chain wallet is not so much an application as it is a private key file.

You’re probably confused because it has been said not to leave your coins on an exchange when this happens. That’s because when your coins are on an exchange, your money is actually in their wallet, not yours.

That’s why I can look here you can see a really big Safex number in one big wallet file. This is a wallet controlled by Bittrex. Even though there are likely thousands and thousands of users on Bittrex who “own” Safex, they don’t actually “own” it because they don’t have control over the private keys. Bittrex keeps most of their Safex total in this one giant wallet.

When the air drop happens, it will happen to the ACTUAL wallets, not your “wallets on the exchange”. This means that Bittrex will get their own drop for this giant wallet. This obviously creates a problem for Bittrex, because how is Bittrex supposed to divide the drop up among all it’s users? What network fees are going to be associated with that etc… it’s a mess for them.

IMHO this is why they delisted and why so much maintenance lately.

Quite frankly, since cryptopia doesn’t seem to be making much of a fuss about this, I wonder if they’re even ready for the air drop. That would make me really nervous about holding Safex there personally.


Top class post and informative from Sonicpoet.

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My expectations for the next week:

-> Bittrex trading halts
-> Safex cash gets dropped
-> Alpha marketplace happens (will probably be shaky, it’s alpha after all)
-> Bittrex picks up Safex cash and relists Safex
-> Cryptopia users flood the forum with “Why didn’t I get an airdrop from my cryptopia Safex!?”
-> The rest of us buy Safex t-shirts off the new marketplace, and watch the coin pump to oblivion

Of course this is just speculation. I wouldn’t have my Safex anywhere but my own wallet right now though, that’s for sure.


It was bitconnect that screwed me yes lol

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Will not happen till the new blockchain is live, its a coin that lives on the new blockchain thus the new blockchain has to be live.

When do they release safex new block chain is there any set target date

and I do more positive for safex than you im certain esp as i dont judge others

And you, if you were that smart, you wouldn’t be here in first place.

Safex Blockchain will go live in August