To new investors and those gripped in fear

You folks obviously have no idea how the crypto/altcoin market works.
Not only do you not understand crypto, you don’t understand even traditional startups and investment sentiments. So i’m writing this here to provide some kind of a brief understanding of what happened in crypto markets this year.

First of all every new token is an entirely new project.
Like every project they need funding, funding, time, and most of all investor confidence.

If you look into tokens that are not only performing now but with good investor confidence, they have good community that assures new investors in times of turbulent crypto market prices. They have good community members who take the effort to help out with PR so the team can focus more funds on getting coders and actual work done.

I’ll give you an example. If someone have $1M on their hands, comes looking and shortlisted 3 tokens.
First thing they do is go to the websites. Read up and watch youtube videos. And then maybe they will be more cautious and the last thing they will do is take a stroll through the community groups and forums.

The moment they spotted a post showing extremely scared investors, they’re out. Why? Why would they be confident if someone holding the tokens are whining about it? You are doing exactly what it takes to reduce your entire investment to ZERO. And the more you panic, the more your investments will be gone when it comes to altcoin investment.

Now i would advise you to really truly investigate and research more on crypto before you lose your cool and start rants.

So with that, let’s finally proceed to what is actually happening in the altcoin markets in 2017.

Most of the initial ICOs which actually have good work progress done, and had good team and tremendous backing are performing poorly now. Why?

  1. CHINA ICO Ban.

The first event that started a flash crash is because of the China ICO ban. The event sent shock throughout the cryptoworld, and crypto supporters are the ones who remain mostly unfazed. Unfortunately by that time there are already alot of dumb money - the kind of people who refuse to do market research + token research + investor sentiment research before they put money on anything.


So naturally fear gripped them the hardest and they sold in fear. Buying high and selling low. These whiners go around their original community spreading fear and investors confidence dropped, crashing the demand and prices.

  1. ICO epdiemic.

But ICOs are popping up like weeds right now. So every now and then an ICO company pops up and say “WE ARE THE MOON TOKEN WE GO TO MOON YEAH BABY WE ARE THE NEXT BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD YEAAAHHHH” and every single one of those morons will pump money into it.

This actually spreads money very thin. Everytime a new ICO pop up you see the prices of previous ICOs go lower as they sold their investments to buy in on the next best thing. Now, you starting to get a feel of what causes market price movement? Ok…

  1. BTC spike since BCH.
    When BCH came up, everyone wanted to get FREE TOKENS. What happens then is that people are tripping over each other to sell their altcoins to get BTC for the free BCH.
    When this ended there is a slow movement back into altcoins. Everyone saw the slow recovery. The slow progress is due to uncertainty in the market for crypto as the fate of regulator’s acceptance for crypto remains unknown.

  2. Growing acceptance by regulators
    Another run up for BTC saw slower transfer of BTC back into altcoins

  3. BCG
    The same thing that happened with BCH is happening again with BCG and this time with greater punch because most people saw how rich people with free BCH tokens got.

  4. Pump and dump mobs
    Every ICOs that freshly entered the market, and i challenge you to look through all the charts, you see the same thing. It will have high run up and then it will crash as money floods into “the NEXT BIG THING THATS GUNNA MOON YEAHHHH”. Crypto is unregulated. So pump and dumps are all over the market. Get used to it, and LEARN HOW TO SPOT IT. Pump and dumps are for short term very small trading profits. They do nothing for long term holders in projects with solid future. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS DEVELOP A PLAYBOOK.
    Secretsofcrypto will always do this. He will set a plan to accumulate tokens below a certain level. Everytime it dips below that line he buys a little. Whenever some pump and dump mob drove a run-up, he will dump on them to profit from their schemes and then buy back in again.

  5. Frightened +grieving investors
    These investors, LIKE YOU, are spreading more fear in their own token community and in so doing, spread more uncertainty and signals to new investors “SEE WHAT I AM DOING? THIS TOKEN IS NO GOOD. TOP INVESTING. DONT BUY IN. GO AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT YOU SAW ME TYPE SO MY INVESTMENTS WILL TRULY BECOME ZERO YEAHHHHH I AM SO SMART I RANT FRIGHTENED YEAAHHHHHHHH”

This, this is seen in all previous ICOs. Even the BIG TEAMS with solid backing see such fear being spread through their community in these turbulent times. Ok? What you are seeing now is normal. You need to understand that. Stop being a whiner and actually do something to HELP YOUR OWN INVESTMENT. I mean are you stupid or something? In a time where ICOs are popping up all over the place, and where investors constantly pump money into the next big thing, you are here shitting on your own investments to make sure you end up broke? How will that help you?

  1. Futures market on BTC
    If you have been paying attention so far, you would have already known that it is merely a flood of money into BTCs to catch the runoff.

Now. If you want to help your own investments, now is a good time to spread good news instead of bad. Why? BECAUSE BTC IS NOT THE ONLY CRYPTO OUT THERE. Since Feb 2017 there are many mainstream money flowing into the crypto markets. And like every investors once they got a taste of BTC they want GREATER MARGIN. Which means alot of that funds in BTC are eventually going to flow into altcoins again.

So instead of being scared and freaking out, understand what you actually invested in. See what the team has been working on. Share it with people instead of spreading FUD.


…and then watch our nifty new video.


How did no one see this? Share it around people

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Buy low sell high. Low now buy now


Safex community gets first dibbs…:wink::flight_departure:

Is there anyway to sticky this? Cos every batch of new investors would definitely have to see this.

Also, here’s what we can do to protect and help our investments grow. You will see that this applies to every other token you own as well:

  1. Research and understand Safex entirely. It’s business model, its goals and objectives etc.
  2. Write something positive about Safex (at least 1 post every 2-3 days) on your most used social media. Those more articulate can do 1 post everyday.
  3. Write something articulate and detailed to introduce people to Safex once every 2 weeks on facebook groups or reddit groups or whatever chat groups or forums you use.
  4. Stay in touch with updates
  5. Show positivity
  6. Understand market sentiments and the reason behind certain market movements

Now you can see that every good solid token you see on youtube or elsewhere all contain such elements. They are not better or worse. Every single token is undergoing the same phase right now. The only reason you would go check them out and think they are so much better is because their community is spreading only positivity.

Always remember this: BTC did not grow to its current pricing because its holders are always scared and spreading fear. BTC grew to its current value because BTC supporters are ALWAYS SAYING SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT IT.

So do ourselves a favour and stick to these points. Everyone should commit themselves to fulfilling all 6 points. In time, our investments will bear fruit.

Crypto is de-centralized. Therefore in crypto, investor confidence is a community effort. Always remember that.


I would love for high quality logos be made available to make clothing apparel featuring Safex.


I bought this up in a post I made @parlaygambler but didn’t want proceed till we know more. R u in oz

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Hi guys. I’m new to this thread and new to crypto. I bought into safe Exchange as it’s looks like a great outfit and CEO looks good. I’m here for the long term. I have been a share trader for many years and a lot of that cash is being moved to crypto of late because of there unbelievable returns. I’m here to stay wether the price goes up or down and looking forward to seeing where we are in a few years.


It’s not just just SAFEX, but crypto in general. BTC does look like it’s in a bubble, we just don’t know what the high point is. Could be $20k, $60k, $100k.

When BTC does correct, how will it affect altcoins & SAFEX? I’m guessing it will bring down the entire market because altcoins are pegged to BTC. 100 sat SAFEX could be worth 1/3 as much.

Actually when BTC corrects hard it will be because investors cashed out. The last time this happened, it brought tremendous funds into altcoins market because people are looking to multiply their earnings.

Sure many people will always get burnt when prices crash from all time highs, but there will be many more who gained from it because they entered the game early. The fresh funds moving into BTC proved that a country as big as China couldn’t do s***t to stop crypto currency from booming. Those who are too late to cash out into fiat will also try to buy turn their BTCs into altcoins so that when BTC prices become better they can transfer back out.

If you watch the charts you will notice that everytime BTC movement seem to move sideways, there’s a small run off in alts.

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This is a much better thread I’m a new investor in safex and brought a million near the current highs then it crashed, Iam here for the long term so fingers crossed we have a good first quarter 2018 and I’ll stay positive here and other forums, thanks fellow holders of safex keep up the good post makes everyone feel better


I am so much confident about Safex. This coin is going to change the entire Crypto world for better. The dip is only because of some people in this forum who just spread negative comments about Safex. This will change soon once there is a big update From Dan. Hope Bittrex doesn’t delist it on 15th Dec.


Great analysis, and spot on with the history.

Every time I see a complete crypto noob on these forums it blows my mind… why are they going for Safex out of the 1300+ cryptocurrencies out there with little to no knowledge of how all this works?

I could go on with theories about what’s going on but I don’t want to be accused of FUD or pumping or what have you.

I will say I’m still hodling though.

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Maybe cause they see the potential @SonicPoet and you too were a noob as well once. Maybe u have the answer

Maybe I does, maybe I doesn’t. I’m not going to talk about the future anymore, that already got me banned from discord (even though I was right, that shit was toxic anyway).

What Dan is pitching is certainly possible, technically speaking, IMHO.

I’m still a noob.


Not every noob who claims to be a noob is actually a noob. And not every noob story is a noob story. Making sincere sounding posts does not always make the poster sincere.

Unfortunately we have seen in the last week or so some/few who were here to disrupt, hype and/or fud for the purpose of price/market manipulation.

Unfortunately you cannot always tell them apart from all the other genuine new people in the forum who do have serious concerns or are really excited.

And just saying that can make me sound like the bad one.

We have to guard our minds from all the fud and hype that is thrown around from time to time. We have to make decisions on fact and not coincidences or fear or someone else’s feelings.

So imagine you’re Dan.

“Hey Bittrex, I’m about to air-drop some chille etc etc”

So imagine you’re Bittrex.

“That’s going to fuck up some shit, how are we gunna do that?”

apparently, by “Wallet Maintenance”

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Except Dan specifically said that safex coins on exchanges will not be air-dropped any chillie. So that cannot be imagined since it will not happen.

Anyhow the wallet maintenance is not specifically for safex but for ALL omni-protocol tokens. Brittrex would be shooting themselves in the foot to put all the omni token coins under maintenance just to stuff around with safex, not to mention the law suits they open themselves up to by deliberately stopping people withdrawing a major coin they are delisting. It would be straight out stealing if the maintenance was for safex and lasted beyond the time frame allowed for withdrawals.

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You do not get Chile air dropped into Bittrex if you’re holding safex in bittrex. You only get it if you have safex in your wallet and it goes to your wallet…