Trade Satoshi Up but still some minor Glitches...........7/1/18

Trade Satoshi seems down for the time being.

Update: Up and running after Ddos. 6/1/18

Wats the price in australian dollars of SafeX ?

I bought last a few days ago at 170 or 180sats. So $0.036

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Great. Thanks. Carnt wait to see 0.10c


yeah man. It will be great to see movement again on this coin.

Be good to see it on a decent exchange. I’m very happy with tradesatoshi

Sorry. Not happy

It’s up and running already

Site is down and still under DDOS

i am selling at 350 pm me

Heaps of coins on Trade Satoshi. Was able to buy and send to wallet no dramas in last 24 hours.

They have some problems with their 2FA for withdrawals and transfers. Through support ticket you can ask them to disable 2FA if you need to withdraw or transfer coins. Read the instructions in FAQ in for exact instructions.

sites been down no idea how anyone is buying anything

Very difficult. The hack attack really stuffed it. But they have recovered well.

i am selling safex coins, any offer is ok , i don’t have trade satoshi account and i can sell them there

Guys, I tried to send SAFEX from my desktop wallet(0.0.2) to TradeSatoshi almost 48 hours ago. I did select the “slow” option, but I still don’t have a pending confirmation. Does anyone have any advice?

Check on TS status page if Safex wallet is still in maintenance.

It is as of a few minutes ago.

I want to buy. How many do you have and what price ?

I want to sell 15500 Safex for 500 sats each. PayPal accepted