Trading ideas 31 Dec 2017 What do you think about XVG?

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone made some sick profits, unlike me.
Anyone has any trading ideas for other altcoins? What do you think of XVG? Will wraith be out?

Alas no great profits…
Civic, Maidsafe, Safex, Substratum a bit of Ripple
Made big returns on Ripple but unfortunately I changed most of it for Maidsafe.
I have made average returns of about 50 percent which given the insanity of returns in this market is absolutely dire so I am the last person who should put forth their opinions

CVC is like what LTC used to be. Just a slow burn slow strolling long term bull. If i had some more cash on hand i’d park them there. Hopefully i can hustle some more and bring in some more money soon.

I like Safex because i used to day trade Safex for very good returns even without hype or mooning. Good to know tradesatoshi is listing it.

Civic respectfully is nothing like LTC …Civic will need mass adoption from any number of governmental agencies to have any meaningful impact.
I wouldn’t know how to trade safex so I am just holding and hoping that one day it gets off the ground.
Substratum on perception alone could maybe be a big hit.
Maidsafe is the project that is rapidly in danger of falling into obscurity hmm

I’ll check out Maidsafe over the next few days X-D
Imo, Civic doesn’t truly need governmental adoption. Once corporations do it, it will naturally flow into government usage.

Like for example, if Uber, social media, dating apps and exchanges start using CVC, it’s just a matter of time before government adopts. Free market has always been the ones driving adoption, not government.

Maidsafe pumps a few weeks prior to a new alpha launch and after.
Check out Ethos too

The example you gave re Uber etc would realistically come about through government regulation. It would all need to feed into government systems

People who chased XVG candles at the ATH this morning be like…

Aside from Safex, I’m in Shift and Spectrecoin (xspec). Both doing fine so far, so hoping for the trend to continue in 2018. Shift is particularly interesting for me since they have an actual product, and very little marketing so far.

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ONION as well :slight_smile:

XVG is a really nice project. It’s a cool currency. Crypto never saw a neat idea it couldn’t ruin by hoarding and inflating the price of.

I’m putting my entry for XVG at 50 sats.