Transaction fee

He guys with the BTC value increasing like a rocket, I want to ask how much btc is needed in my wallet for a transaction. Because if BTC hits the moon I would be paying hundreds or thousands for fee. So I want to buy BTC now and store it for the fee.

SO how much BTC is needed?

Appreciate it

If you go into the wallet and click on ‘send’ you can see the different options for speed and fee.

Although btc may go to Mars (think we can agree the moon has been conquered already) safex will be moving to its own blockchain soonish and so won’t require btc for transfers anymore.

Ok thanks for the quick reply. i will open my wallet and check the send options.

Wait so for my coins to be sent from bittrex to the wallet I need to have bitcoin in the wallet first? Is that why my transfer has been pending a day now?

Nope. Only when transfering out of the safex wallet…and only while safex is still using the btc blockchain.

Ok cool thank you, got scared for a min there