Transfer to wallet - transaction not found

I moved 10 SafeX coins from Bittrex to my wallet as a test. Once I saw them in the wallet I moved the rest, but this time the transaction is not found and

I can see my first transaction, but not the most recent. Bittrex has the withdrawal as confirmed, and I verified the wallet address for typos.

Is it normal for the transaction to not be listed for over an hour?

Opened a ticket with Bittrex. Their auto reply states the following:

If a transaction ID has already been generated for your withdrawal, please understand that blockchains operate at different speeds and it may take some time for transactions to clear. If ample time has passed and the withdrawal does not show on the blockchain, the transaction may have orphaned and we will need to manually credit your account so that you can re-submit the withdrawal.

I will await their reply

After a few hours, I went into slack at and joined their #customer-support channel. I reported the issue and they will refund the orphaned transaction so that I can try again.

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