Tropix - Robotic Trading

This is a introductory link to the latest work completed on the Bittrex connection with Rust trading automation.

It lets you check your balances, make a buy or sell order, fetches the orderbook, as well as there is an automator for trading at selection 6. It is very early stage and prone to bugs very easily. Though it will evolve away from the bugs, this is just an initial link.

Long = Buys the second coin; so you need BTC in your balance for it to work
Short = Sells the second coin; so you need the second coin in your balance for it to work


recent updates works like a charm so far

New update pushed - Self Configured automation; and update to docs

Is this something that requires a compiler and some coding skill to try or does it have a .exe or .dmg set up with a friendly gui?

this requires having rust installed on your computer and doing 3 commands to get into it

then it explains itself what to put in;

when putting a price remember the smallest unit is 0.00000001

leave no trailing spaces with entires etc, also you need to get an api key and asecret from

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