Trustless Community-Funded Bounties

We need to find a way to impliment this, the sooner the better.

I’m encouraged by the growing community discussion and some independent projects being started.

I think most people who believe in Safex long-term as stakeholders realize this isn’t like investing in your typical ICO, but will succeed based upon initiative by the community.

I believe the incentive structures in the project are well designed.

What would help us most now as we begin developing and launching the product is a way for stakeholders to further incentivize each other to make specific improvements in the project.

I would love to see a system where members can submit an idea, members can crowdfund the bounty/reward, and it’s done in a contractual or trustless way.

There is definitely something powerful to incentivizing members of the community and supporting them by recognizing their contributions. I also sense that many of the contributions are done in the spirit of cooperation with the recognition that the “investment” of time, effort, and even resource, will more than pay for itself in the long-term. Such an incentive system will be beneficial if members have multiple means of “receiving” the recognition and directing it accordingly.

For example, some individuals may be contributing to the project because they are genuinely inspired by what it represents. They might wish that any contribution they make be put into a pooled fund that then is distributed to a charitable organization, a SAFEX scholarship for Developers, or something that is not directed to the individual.

As long as the incentive system has multiple ways of being received and/or distributed, i think this could be an excellent approach.

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