[Tutorial] How To Help SAFEX Get Listed On CoinDeal

If we want to get Safex listed on CoinDeal we need all the manpower we can get. :muscle:

That is why I wrote a tutorial on how to verify your account and cast a vote, so that everyone, even a crypto newbie, can easily follow steps and get us closer to victory. :rocket:

All you have to do is to send this article to all your friends and include them before it’s too late. We have 6 more days, it is enough to make a difference if all of you follow the steps from the text.

Please share and retweet! We can do this guys! Go Safex!


@callmemax On behalf of the the future of Safex, thank you so much and all others who have worked so hard on producing the Tutorials and getting Safex listed on as many exchanges as possible!

I reside in the United States and others have indicated that United States Citizens aren’t permitted to register.

Where I’ve been able to, I’ve cast my vote for Safex and look forward to joining the Safex News mining pool with the release of the new wallet (version 7).

Thanks to everyone for their tireless support of this project and all the great content the Safex Community has produced!


I appreciate your response, thank you so much for this kind words!
Safex has the best community in the crypto world! :rocket:


Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! I have never created an account on the exchange before, so this process was very confusing for me. Your article made it easy with all steps explained and print screens. Very helpful, thank you!

I’m sharing this to all my friends so they can vote as well. There are six days left, we can do this guys! Vote!


Hi @callmemax! I just want to thank you for all steps. I m so happy to be part of this community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:


I am new here, for a while time, but what I notice is that Safex connects people! Thank you @callmemax for this article. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::muscle:


Safex Cash moved to 6th place! Thanks for voting! :rocket:


Following this tutorial people will see it’s really not difficult to register.
and it takes only few minutes of your time.


4 days left for voting, please share this tutorial to everyone, we still have time to list Safex on CoinDeal! :rocket:


Safex Cash is on it’s way to be listed on CoinDeal! :rocket:

But it is not over yet, please VOTE today again to claim our 2nd place!

Safex has the greatest community ever! Thank you all for you time and effort! :muscle: