TWM integration

Another exciting update @dandabek and Aharon Bernal!

I was happy to hear that there is the likelihood of a TWM version 1.5 followed by the TWM version 2.0 to occur most likely by Black Friday later this month.

It brought to mind several questions Dan that you may have already discussed previously:

  1. The pre-release for TWM v1.0.0 can be downloaded to the desktop. But it was my understanding that the TWM could also operate from a browser (i.e. embedded in a merchants website)?

  2. As you and Aharon are working out all the packaging, shipping and so forth, you mentioned that your products are stored with a company that will be responsible for fulfillment. So then I’m wondering if the testing being done now is to figure out all the logistics for how things will work for both twminc and all merchants, or if merchants will still need to come up with their own plans?

  3. Some merchants may be offering digital products. Will buyers be able to download items such as ebooks directly from within TWM wallet or, referring back to question 1, will merchants embed TWM wallet in their website so when they receive a Buy order for ebook, elsewhere on the website a link becomes active to click for download?

  4. Same questions apply to mobile TWM app?

Appreciate the Sunday hangouts :+1: