TWM investment

Can anyone layout the incentive for investing 30k or more in TWM. I suspect 30k or more in coins would be way more beneficial considering there will be a number of marketplaces using the Safex Blockchain. Thanks!

yeah if for example 10 investors buy 30k $ worth in sfx or sft will definitely boost the price of safex and will bring attention and more miners. Why not to Invest in The World Marketplace, Inc with sfx,sft …

Makes sense thanks :pray:t3:

Not that I have 30k to spare like a lot of people I imagine but is there any sort of plan, model etc that we can pass to anyone we have in mind?

Going to be hard to get someone interested who doesn’t know a thing about the project, if there was a couple more sellers on TWM churning out smaller ticket items I feel it would be easier

That’s exactly the issue, I never benefited from anyone buying tokens unless participated in the crowdsale, and even then the amount was $50,000.

Buying SFX also doesn’t benefit me, and it matters because so far no one has brought development resources to the table over the years except for me.

So, if you or someone doesn’t invest in this company, I will not have sufficient resources to make the difference to bring out the best tools, because so far it was me and one other developer who put together the blockchain and the wallet.

If I cant hire more developers there is nothing much more we can do to improve the platform in any timely fashion. Everyone seems to want to put the carriage in front of the horse.

FIrst this then that only then you can have the money to develop. It is absurd not a single start up in this space has done it like that. You think ethereum is successful off of thin air YOU ARE WRONG they raised 25000 bitcoins!!! on just a concept.

No smart company is distributing its strategy out in the open for nothing; if someone is interested in investing: A Global Marketplace


The minimum investment is $30,000 in the form of a wire transfer, BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDC, SFM (Safemoon), or a combination of these forms of payment.
But why not invest in TWM with minimum 30K $ worth of SFX or SFT … it’s will be more profitable since both will go up . I will also create a nice volume.


Sure, however with the raise targeting 3m$

It would be 4 times the size of the sfx market cap

And nearly half of the sft market cap.

Can offer sfx or sft but I’m not sure how it will go the amounts required


Thanks for your response and dedication Dan!