TWM launch

Just wondering if things are on track for mainnet this year? Hate to cause speculation but as we now have 3.0 of stagenet can we get a ballpark release time now?

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If you paid attention to GitHub, you would’ve seen Stagenet 3 was branched as mainnet_candidate. THAT is how close it is. But until we get into it later in the week and use it with the to-be-released next GUI wallet version with API/messaging, there’s no telling if something else will be revealed.

So giving some random Mainnet launch date to placate your need to have a written commitment is just nonsense, tbh.

Dan will announce the proposed Mainnet launch when the time is right. Does it look like it will be sometime this year? Sure, that is the GOAL.

But nothing is guaranteed, and it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

I’m still 100% optimistic it will be this year, but just not interested in being given a date before Dan and Igor have considered everything that’s required to make such an announcement.

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Fair enough. It can’t be said I’m impatient. Been in for 3 years.