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Hi all!

I’m coming back from my crypto breake, but i have been following safex from the side line. Really happy to see TWM arriving soon!

One thing i havn’t found much about; when the marketplace is up and running how is it going to get exposrue to get new - non safex holdes - to the makret and get it growing? Is there any one of on the Team for that? Or and upcoming employee?

Phase 3 does have this: “Continuous E-Commerce and Vendor Merchants On-boarding” which i what im asking in someway. But to attract someone who is normally selling on ebay, will need some seriuos exposure and engagement.


@fisker, glad to hear about this.

At this stage, now that the core system is live on the blockchain since December 23, 2020. Now we are working to release a good user interface to handle the first wave of usage.

Our future planning involves a scaled marketing effort. Of course, the most important thing is not holders, but people who want things offered on our marketplace, and those people go acquire SFX however they can do buy the things from the marketplace.

In the moment, presently, these plannings are taking hold. TWM Wallet will be released, and provide a simple KISS (keep it simple) interaction with the blockchain. This will be enough to drive the first wave of adoption.

It comes down to, what products we have that are compelling, that are 1. cheaper, 2. exclusive these two ideas come to mind. These will drive people into the marketplace and into the SFX, if people are buying products then that will increase the yield on SFT and that is the flow of adoption from my perspective.


Everyone should help market.

I know that my colleagues and I are planning on offering set up services similar to companies you pay to set up your social accounts, and selling platforms.

For clients we have good relationships with, we plan to offer ongoing management services.

The good news is we help them at a nominal rate and reap rewards over time in SFX rev share.

TWM is just another platform that consultants can help business expedite set up. There are so many business that need and will use this, and we can help them with the clicky clicky stuff.


We can and we will help with the clicky clicky stuff


IMHO there is a mountain of money in the hands of an older generation that once helped with the " clicky clicky" stuff will flow into the venders accounts. Customer service will ensure a long line of welthy vender’s. From the Sears catalogue, to call this toll free number to order, to get grandkid to setup Amazon account with credit card. Now is our turn to serve our customers.


Hi folks,

Just wondering if we can move all current coins from the Orbiter to the new wallet at the moment?

Since livecoin is dead now based on my understanding, any advice for the exchange that accepts safex without risks?


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You will be able to move your coins (import) to the new wallet when it’s out. is the best and safest exchange but you need to do the KYC.Also keep in mind Never keep your coins in exchanges , you buy/sell then move them to your wallet asap.Just be a little patient till TWM wallet is out.
P.S. this thread is for marketing discussion only.


I agree; however, I would rather have my sfx and sft in Xcalibra at the moment rather than send to the orbiter wallet and not be able to see the balance that is in a loading loop. Just waiting for the new TWM wallet and trusting Xcalibra is secure at this point.


Hi everyone, can I explain cash tagging and hash tagging.

When I make a post I often only put $sft $sfx centric tags, this means that ONLY safex supporters see it because it is supporters who search “$sft” “$sfx” when trying to catch up on twitter news.

If someone make a safex tweet and you are happy to retweet it, then retweet it with ALL OTHER PROJECT CASHTAGS, the original post will show on any “$sft” “$sfx” search so retweeting it using only $sft, $sfx hashtags doesnt have any real impact.

Everyone who retweets should add the cashtags of every other project they can think of and ALWAYS use #bitcoin , it is similar to Google search SEO’S, the more keywords u use the more exposure the page gets.

The more cashtags you add the more NEW eyes see the advert.

Retweeting amongst ourselves is just shouting out in an echo chamber and pretty wasteful.