I have made a post about this topic alone, as I wasn’t sure where I Should put it.

I have alot of product (100’s if not 1000’s) I am eager to get on the marketplace asap.
I have a Business already running and we are motivated to try and bring not only our products but also buyers to Safex.
Currently nobody else that i know of offers purchase of these products will crypto, So I’m excited to see how much volume we can get by listing them., then advertising for not only our business but Safex as well. Alot are bigger ticketed items, so there is just one main concern I have - Price Pegging. - I will need to have some sort of price pegging to USD or AUD in the future, but as of now I am happy enough to still advertise them, but only list prices on the smaller ticketed items (which we have HEAPS of )
I Would love to get in touch with someone that can help me make this happen as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance



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@merchant1 please DM me looking forward to catch up with you!

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@dandabek will there be a batch upload option available for merchant listings? As an example, using excel for the description and any heading plus photos of the products then all zipped, uploaded and unpacked directly onto the merchants store.
Would be a huge time saver and much more convenient than trying to list individually.
Could be set at max of 20 items per upload to avoid any undue glitches via bottlenecks etc.

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Each item needs to be sent to the bc as a separate tx, so it wouldn’t be possible unless you have a script running that can interface with your wallet and grabs each row of the excel doc and converts it to the correct TWM format for a Safex offer tx, then pushes it to the bc for processing.

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Exactly, and makes good sense to implement something similar to what I mentioned for the simple fact that it makes ease of use when listings items.
Say I have 500 or 1000 items to list… and each takes five minutes to load… that’s a lot of downtime and hassle for a merchant of reasonable size to be bothered with. Even if it was just 100 items it would require a full day to list them individually and that doesn’t take in to account photographing and editing those photographs etc.
So I feel it would be extremely advantageous to the project to at least put some thought into it at some stage.