TWM Wallet Help once logged it


Have downloaded TWM wallet with my seed.
Everything is saying zero balances and zero tockens once logged in.
In the instructions it states it needs to synchronise, does that mean we leave it open and it does it by itself or do we hit the hard scan button???

Needing some help.


Yes, leave I open. If balances don’t show after an hour or so, then hit Hard Rescan and just leave it open. After an ~hour! Your balances will appear. Once the first sync is don’t it will be much quicker the next time.

I have left it open overnight and I can see a tokens balance displayed, now How do I get the tokens in cash? My cash balance is displaying zero.
I want the money into my bank account.

Erm… Safex blockchain is a 2-coin ecosystem: Safex Token and Safex Cash.

Not sure what you mean :thinking:

How do I get the tokens into safex cash?
My safex cash balance is stating zero balance but tokens are all there.
Do I have to send my tokens somewhere or? I want the money out of safex!
Is there a banking system on TWM

SFT don’t convert to SFX.

If you want to sell your SFT, then you do that via a crypto exchange.

But! You need SFX to cover any transaction fees you make.

SFX can be acquired by:

  • buying on an exchange,
  • mining on your PC
  • earned through rev share from marketplace sales if your SFT are staked (you need SFX to stake your SFT)
  • (in the very near future) selling goods and/or services on the Safex Marketplace, for which SFX is the medium of exchange.

There is no banking system on TWM.