TWM Wallet Help once logged it


Have downloaded TWM wallet with my seed.
Everything is saying zero balances and zero tockens once logged in.
In the instructions it states it needs to synchronise, does that mean we leave it open and it does it by itself or do we hit the hard scan button???

Needing some help.


Yes, leave I open. If balances don’t show after an hour or so, then hit Hard Rescan and just leave it open. After an ~hour! Your balances will appear. Once the first sync is don’t it will be much quicker the next time.

I have left it open overnight and I can see a tokens balance displayed, now How do I get the tokens in cash? My cash balance is displaying zero.
I want the money into my bank account.

Erm… Safex blockchain is a 2-coin ecosystem: Safex Token and Safex Cash.

Not sure what you mean :thinking:

How do I get the tokens into safex cash?
My safex cash balance is stating zero balance but tokens are all there.
Do I have to send my tokens somewhere or? I want the money out of safex!
Is there a banking system on TWM

SFT don’t convert to SFX.

If you want to sell your SFT, then you do that via a crypto exchange.

But! You need SFX to cover any transaction fees you make.

SFX can be acquired by:

  • buying on an exchange,
  • mining on your PC
  • earned through rev share from marketplace sales if your SFT are staked (you need SFX to stake your SFT)
  • (in the very near future) selling goods and/or services on the Safex Marketplace, for which SFX is the medium of exchange.

There is no banking system on TWM.

How did we go with this topic? i also am asking the exact same question and now im verified with Excalbra, i wish to obtain cash from SFT but not quite sure how to go about this.

“Cash from SFT” ?? So you want to sell your SFT? If so, you sell for BTC, then withdraw the BTC to an exchange that allows conversion to fiat, and the withdrawal of the fiat.

Xcalibra doesn’t currently offer conversion to fiat.

Thank you for your response. Where do you suggest I send my SFT for the BTC conversion since Excalibra are no good? I believe Binance is also not accepting SFT.

Xcalibra is currently the only exchange listing SFT, so you would sell the SFT for BTC on Xcalibra and then move the BTC to elsewhere and sell it for fiat.

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thank you mate. so now i need to buy SFX in Excalibra, send the SFX to my TWM so it covers the transaction fee to send the SFT out of the wallet? Is that my next step?

Or use the SFX to stake the Tokens as i think im under the understanding that staking the tokens will convert the tokens to SFX? sorry for the million questions i just want to get them off that wallet and get some cash back as i cant stand the wallet.

Had you done any SFX mining, there would be some in your wallet. Had you already staked your SFT, it would’ve accrued some SFX rev share already, and Unstaking the SFT would result in the rev share SFX arriving in your wallet.

If you migrated from the old original Safe Exchange Coin, you would’ve also received an airdrop of some SFX into the wallet.

However, if you did none of the above, and simply bought some SFT on an exchange, moved them to your wallet, and did nothing with them, then you won’t have any SFX and will indeed have to buy some, to move the SFT to Xcalibra.

Use the Safex Knowledge Base to get in-depth explanations of all things Safex.

I haven’t mined. i just followed actions from when i had to move my SAFEX out of coinspot 3 years ago, downloading the orbit wallet etc. I had no interest in safex as i couldn’t do anything back then and hated the wallet loading up.

So now i want to sell my crypto as i need the cash and pretty much led here as the hoops to jump through are ridiculous I don’t want to spend any more cash on cryptos yet and especially safex.
So why I am not in SFX from my SAFEX is purely because of the whole set up and I wasn’t aware I had to play with my coins.
Thank you for the link I am about to go through it all now.

if I may ask for your opinion, please.
if you had 1000 SFT in your TWM and want to turn it into Cash ASAP, what would you do?
I appreciate your time.

If I only had 1000 SFT, then I wouldn’t look to do anything with it… is currently valued at about 80c total.

Also, 1000 SFT isn’t enough to Stake (minimum is 25k SFT).

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i am currently watching videos i downloaded the one click mining program. any tips?
thanks again

Paste your wallet address into the miner and start mining. Given you mentioned Coinspot, I expect you’re in AU, so I would suggest using the AU ninja pool, as you’ll have faster ping times than overseas pools.

You’ll start accruing coins in your wallet once you mine enough to reach the minimum payout level. That will depend on the power of your CPU.

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i dont get anything happening even after watching and doing exactly as the youtube tutorial. i just get a red coloured start button (stop) nothing hashing and its 3 times.

Why is this happening to me …

The hashrate section of the miner is below the STOP and I can’t see it… perhaps your screen resolution is cutting it off at the bottom of your screen.

Another option… if you go to the pool website and plug in your Safex address, you’ll see if there’s a hashrate