TWM Wallet, some stuff i recognized

Just found a old text file that i created when the twm wallet 1.6 came out. I am not sure if i ever shared. These might be some things to change, fix, whatever. Maybe most is already in v2.

Just drop it here:

  • send sfx: whole address? can’t see last digits/numbers
  • products: maybe a button to hide sold out and/or not available listings?
  • products: sort products (highest price first/lowest price first etc.)
  • search function: if you dont type in anything and click on “search” it says “Loading…” forever.
    wont go away until you manually change tab
  • send balance: cant type into the fields sometimes (sfx amount for example) have to minimize twm and
    maximize it again to be able to type again
  • order messages: date and time in chat? when did we receive a message?
  • order messages: ability to delete messages?
  • history tab: filter by purchases, send, received, stake transactions etc?
  • tokens tab: show remaining blocks (maybe estimated time) until the 500k block time for staking is over
    when you mouseover the block number under “staked height”?
  • if you right click in the wallet, it says “TWM 1.5.0”, even tough it is the 1.6 version

I just unstaked and restaked my tokens last night on TWM 1.6 and I had to log out of the wallet and resign in to change the amount of tokens to satake. It happened on all 4 wallets.

I don’t know if anyone else had that issue, just throwing it out there. Same as kepura stated, I figured it’s worked out in V2.


If you simply minimise the wallet window and then restore it to being visible, then the text field works again. No need to close and reopen the program itself.

That issue is already noted in the 1.6 bugs document which I maintain for Dan.


Very cool, we live and learn.


I’m very much looking forward to the v2 wallet coming out. I am working diligently on it.

Please don’t hesitate to drop in with anything you see that needs improving.