Two questions about:SEC

1、POW or POS or DPOS?
2、So, what is the planning the SEC?(Hope that the SEC can trade platform in


SEC isn’t being mined.

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thank you。。。。。。

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Best way to describe SEC is as Proof of Stake. Your Stake in Safe Exchange Coin will earn you from any dividends and allows you to do voting, such as was done on

When we are earning from transaction fees, it will be your ownership of SEC that will determine % of earnings from the application.

Our blockchain network called Chille will accept Chi which is spent to put a contract or send a transaction across the Chille Network.

Chille API let’s any developer include their address to receive 5% of the Chi that is spent to put the contract or send the transaction. Chille will have a command line interface, but Safe Exchange Client will be a GUI wallet and exchange platform to utilize the Chille Protocol so that People could interact with Chi and the Chille Marketplace.

Therefore, Safe Exchange Client will receive 5% of the Chi spent using it, and distribute that to the Safe Exchange Coin holders.

For instance if we earned 100,000 Chi in fees for each 21470 you’d get 1 Chi, then depending on the marketprice of Chi would determine the ROI of Safe Exchange Coin.

Your Stake in SEC would allow the programs to determine your ownership of fees. Also then our proposals could include spending of developer allocated funds. There is an address with at least 1% of the SEC and it is for collecting from Fees through Safe Exchange Client and these funds can be spent via a proposal for development and maintenance of fees for the future. The % of SEC will determine your voting influence on how funds are spent and to substantiate proposal that are put forward. Probably presenting a proposal as the developer address could be weighed more for instance. Or if some person identifies themselves as the owner of some % they can represent their stake and help others understand logic and reason for some activities they may be presenting to us all. This is the embodiment of the Decentralized Board of Trade.

This way we can keep moving forward with development especially after launch when things can become autonomous by programming the governance of Safe Exchange Coin into the Safe Exchange Client.


What is the total supply of Chi?

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Hey dally,

You’re saying that SEC will be PoS. I think in order to do so, we would need a kind of online wallet for SECs, to concetrate or centralize them right?

Keep informing us with those kinds of data, they are very interesting!

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@uqaz that’s exactly right!! SEC is very much PoS, we will need a wallet that we can use; though it doesn’t have to be online since we use the Bitcoin Blockchain. I need to extract that parser from Omni, and with that I can make our own wallet. We need SEC for voting and collecting Dividends from Chille developer rewards.

@dvnp I did not choose yet, though probably 21 million. I am making a list of parameters we can discuss them and agree and move on for development.

Wish you all a good 2017; I have been advising on some blockchain project and it is closing at this time with success. From now on we’ll be interacting more, and delivering on our work related to Safe Exchange and Chille. Everything needs an explanation and an info graphic to explain how this all works.


Happy New 2017! Is the SEC & Chi development still on track for Q1?

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I do have my sites set on launching Chille in April that’d be Q2

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Can you elaborate on “sites”?


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yes “sites” but I did mean in this context “sights”

@uqaz a lot of sites coming up, finished/in development we’ll be taking this space by storm; they will be up long before April, for April I want to be in Beta/Launched already. Beta should be just to see if there are issues that I may have missed.


great updates, happy new year guys. let’s do this :slight_smile:


Please, please, throw a bone.

What kind of sights in these sites? lol

And what kind of sites?

  1. Chille Landing Page

  2. Safex Landing Page (updated)

  3. Safe Exchange Investment Purchase Page (ability to buy SEC in a vending machine way with explanation how it is connected with Chille and brings ROI this website will buy from exchanges when someone buys SEC from this website This should make it easy to explain and promote Safe Exchange)

  4. Safe Exchange Landing Page (alt coin market information and global trade information such as prices and charts of commodities and other financial instruments) the hard part for this is done

  5. Chille Vending Page (ability to buy small amounts of Chi with the website *this needs the blockchain to be finished but can be expected and will follow same model as the SEC Investment Page)


What’s a Chille?

What do you write a Chille in?

Are they delicious?


:clap: I hope 2017 is a good start, and I believe that the SEC can be a major breakthrough


I am a Chinese, I very love block chain, but because my English is not good, will miss some things

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I think that we should also focus to keep translating all of the main content to keep in touch with people of all languages and cultures.


I agree with you, our Chinese community almost no tracking on this, in addition to me and others, our personal initiative to BBS focus on news, most of the English also is not very good