Ubuntu TWM wallet: Reporting issues

Hello all,

Just a few notes for anyone who is trying to use the Linux TWM wallet on Ubuntu.

  1. The wallet did not work for me on 16 or 18. However, the wallet works for me on Ubuntu 20

  2. On my laptop my max screen resolution is too small to fully fit the wallet on the screen (the bottom of the wallet was cut off by the bottom of the screen). A hacky work around is to first find the name of your screen device:

     xrandr --listactivemonitors

Then, once you have your monitor name, scale your screen using the command:

xrandr --output <MONITOR NAME> --scale 1.15x1.15

You can play around with the scaling amount, but 1.15 worked well for me.

After this I could use the wallet and see all parts.

Hope it is helpful to someone.


What happened on Ubuntu 18? I only get a blank screen here.

Pretty sure it’s only 20+

Minor bug report for Ubuntu 20
(Note, this may have been reported for Windows/Mac so could be a repeat, apologies if it is already known)

I restored my wallet from seed phrase.
Running Ubuntu 20.04


  1. After restoring from seed phrase I added a new password, save the wallet files, and then the wallet loads perfectly.
  2. After closing the wallet I reopen wallet some time later and select "Open existing wallet, select the newly created wallet file, continue through then enter my Password (correctly).
  3. Upon entering my password and pressing continue the wallet sends this error message:

Pretty easy work around, just select “Cancel” from the popup above. I get the message below:
Screenshot from 2021-04-24 09-58-19

Upon pressing “OK” the wallet loads perfectly!

Please read the general notes at bottom of OP on Windows TWM Wallet Walkthrough: Getting it going

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Thank you, that makes sense now.

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