Uncirculated supply

According to coin market over 500m coins are not in circulation yet.
Can someone clarify?

Coinmarket is wrong for some reason.

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Not sure what for they did that. There is a request form for bugs where I’ve and you can too provide them insight to their error. It’s actually extremely misleading if they do not fix this.


I’ve submitted a bug request form.

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Good news…

Support (CoinMarketCap)
Jan 21, 7:27 PM EST


Our support rep has indicated that your request has been resolved. Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be reflected on the website.

If you believe that the changes have not been reflected correctly after 24 hours, please reply to this email to notify the support team.

CoinMarketCap Support


thank you!

seems like the support team needs to be replied to :wink:

still showing circulating supply incorrectly;

I’ll chase it up.

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Received a few comments recently “whats going to be done with the remaining un-circulating supply”

There is no remaining un-circulating supply!

Hopefully it gets corrected soon so it can join up a few spots in CMC!

Can you follow up with coinmarketcap again for us? Thank you.

be sure to put the email as team@safex.io

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Any updates?

Provide a URL that shows the total supply of coins in real time For example, Dogecoin’s total supply of coins can be found at: http://dogechain.info/chain/Dogecoin/q/totalbc. If any burns have occurred, please specify.

This is what needs to be provided to market cap.
It’s not a “bug” it’s the option of please update an existing crypto currency.

This current mistake is really turning people off in drives I expect

I think that they are doing this specifically; the same is the case with ethereum blue

on this one they also reduced the amount of circulating supply could be related to the trade volume and it is their method; this is my suspicion