Understanding Electrum wallet storage with OmniExplore…


Can you help me better understand how to move SEC assets from my Electrum wallet and back to the Bittrex Exchange?

Back story:

I’m still learning to understand these technologies.

When I first moved the coins from the Bittrex Exchange to the Electrum wallet, I was confused by the fact that the wallet only showed a small deposit of bitcoin and the block Explorer indicated a small transfer to the wallet address and a larger transfer of asset to an unfamiliar public address.

I later understood that this “foreign address” actually represented a record on OmniExplorer.info (I’m still not exactly sure how all of this works, and any explanation would be more than welcome.: –)

As I mentioned above, I have yet to understand how to go about moving these assets back onto the exchange and am looking for support to develop that intelligence.

Thank you in advance to all…

for now you can use your private key with the safex on https://omniwallet.org

we’re knees deep with the safex wallet.

Thank you, I’m a total newbie. I have a general idea of what you mean, but no certainty on how to act on it. I’ve opened a ticket with the folks at OmniExchange to further understand how to work with assets on their platform.

this video is a bit dated but could help:

From Omni Help Desk:

Adam wrote:

Hello Kabir,

So Omniexplorer is a block explorer. It will let you view transactions and see the details or balances of an address.
The address you sent them to is in Electrum, which does not support Omni protocol properties natively. So you will need to export the private key for your 1Hs2mTJawaCazKjvEmhaP5f4W3fkXDubn address and then you can import it into Omniwallet.org (if you have not already signed up /created a wallet you will need to do that. ).

From within your Omniwallet you can go to the ‘My Address’ page and their is a button/option at the top to add a new address which allows you to add an address from a private key. Simply enter the private key you exported from Electrum for the 1Hs2mTJawaCazKjvEmhaP5f4W3fkXDubn address. Once added your address will be displayed in the wallet and you should now have access to move the funds as needed (Note: you might need to logout /log back in to refresh the balance if it appears to get stuck). If you have any other questions let us know

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