Update on Safex and current price

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just wondering and checking in after seeing a lot of activity here and on twitter but the price on my coinstats is somewhere near 0. What is going on?

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There are a few of us that check in from time to time. I’m actually responding to you because I don’t think anyone else will.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t seen any real meaningful progress being made or pursued with the SafeX Market app! It’s been suggested quite a while ago that it’s basically ready to go, just a matter of flipping a switch and releasing it as v2!

But there are no updates why this isn’t happening :man_shrugging:

The blockchain is live, with a functioning marketplace code.

Safex Market Inc is developing their product concept, which has had a successful pilot program, but is at the next round of fundraising before v2 of the wallet can launch, as it requires significant infrastructure and staffing to support the product in the way they want to roll it out.

Additionally, I’m aware of two other Safex wallet apps for selling goods being developed by other devs in the community, and also a services marketplace app.

As these are dev’s side projects, there’s no timeframe on when we could see them launch, as progress is made when they have time. But I will say that I’ve had the privilege of testing one of these community dev wallets in recent weeks, and I’m mightily impressed with what is being created.


Good update, much appreciated :+1:

Perhaps you or @dandabek could let us know how this round of fundraising is progressing? That could give some idea if staffing and infrastructure needs are being met and shed light on when a potential roll out could possibly happen?


It’d be interesting if those developments could be talked about within the forum. It is much easier to catch and follow discussion on the forum than the discord channels, at least from my taste.

I am personally focused on getting movement on the Safex Market company and bring strong updates regularly once that is in motion.


Getting the stagenet faucet online again could be a helpful addition to the devs looking to test their apps, particularly when they reach the point of using a larger testing group.


Thank you for the updates!