Update on Safex CLI wallet **Notice** - April 24, 2019


During the testing of deposits of SFT to livecoin.net there were unclaimed deposits due to use of a previous version of the CLI wallet.

Only 7 transactions were affected and only 2 of any meaningful amount.

If you are the owner of those 2 transactions please get in touch with Us, and/or Livecoin.net to confirm your ownership.

Meanwhile, the updated CLI wallet has been compiled for all major platforms here:

Please only use the updated CLI software, or hold on for the GUI wallet for cash/tokens.

Daniel Dabek


I had a small SFT test deposit that didn’t go through probably due to using an older cli version.

Question about the safexd-linux binary: I don’t see it listed in the latest release. Should it be there or should I continue using the safexd-linux binary from the previous release with the new safex-wallet-cli-linux binary from the latest?



Yes it is a wallet only release,

There were other transactions of SFT but they are 500 or less so I hope its okay I am not focusing on recovering them, if you are among those transactions and have a fuss over them, we will walk you through the process of confirming your ownership. Thanks for stepping forward :wink:


Yes don’t worry about the transaction, it was a trivial amount of SFT. I’ll try again with the newest cli wallet when I get a chance. Thanks Dan!


Hi Dan,
where can I down load the new wallet. thanks.

If you’re talking about the updated CLI wallet, you can find it here: https://github.com/safex/safexcore/releases/tag/v0.1.2.1

As for the graphic safex cash/token wallet, this will get released most likely later today, or worst case tomorrow. You’ll see a post in announcement when it’s out.


I was using the latest version of cli but my deposit was also unclaimed. I issued a ticket with details with livecoin and they stated that they’re looking into it.

@Astralite what was the amount?

@dandabek Sorry, I should have stated - 500

Thanks for your reply, I am confused as to which is the best wallet for me to use. Thanks again.